by Nicole
(Williamsport , PA)

When we went to pick out our Rottie pup, we had 7 pups to pick from. They were all sitting in a corner cuddling. We watched them for a few minutes. All of them finally got up and came over for attention, except for what we though was two little ones still cuddled up together.

I walked over to them to realize that there was only one puppy there. As he finally got up and started playing with the rest of the puppies, we realized he was twice the size of his siblings. He literally looked like a little blackened ham compared to the rest of them. That’s what my husband and I both thought. So I named him Hammie.

Some people ask why and all I need to say is look at him. Hammie is now 15 weeks and weighing in at 48 lbs.

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