by debbie
(san antonio, tx)

Gryphon 4/1/02 - 10/26/12

Gryphon 4/1/02 – 10/26/12

Gryphons are fierce but solitary, at least with other species. They prefer isolated areas, and live alone, but for other Gryphons.

Their trust is hard to earn, but once one has it, they are extremely loyal. Gryphons are not fearless, but they are very courageous.

Perhaps most important of all, they are not foolish. They are very wise beings.

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Nov 14, 2014


Nov 2014 NEW
by: Gryphon’s Mama

I’m ready whenever you are Puppa. Waiting for the dream you are coming to me in to tell me more. I know we connected briefly yesterday. I keep searching for you but think I am trying too hard. Have another week or so before Thanksgiving then we’ll see what happens. I love you so much and am so anxious to see you again. Everything is ready for you.

Oct 11, 2014


Well, it’s official NEW
by: Gryphon’s Mama

Oh my puppy dog, I have never been so happy. I am glad too that I found Susie to help me talk to you. You’re coming back this winter and I am getting things ready for you. She said you told her you will be coming back as a Rottweiler again, that is great. I wonder if you will be a puppy or an adult dog, it doesn’t matter to me. She said you told her that I will find you within an hour of where we live. I have it all written down and read it every day several times a day. Trying to develope the gift myself so I can talk directly to you. I love you Papa, see you soon.

Aug 21, 2014


Hi Puppy Dog NEW
by: Gryphon’s Mama

Hi baby Dog, saw you in my dreams 3 times this week. Sure do love these dreams. Waiting for you to come back to me. You must be getting ready to be reincarnated soon, I feel it. We are ready for you. I still have most of your toys (all of your favorites) and your collar and tags. Love you Gryph – see you soon, one way or another.

May 20, 2014


Love you Gryphy NEW
by: MAMA

Just looking at all these new posts and just wanted to tell you I love you. Still dream of you almost every week. I know you are with me all the time, I can feel it. So, I miss you puppy dog, I know your here but sure wish I could see you more than just in my dreams. But so very thankful for the dreams.

Mar 23, 2014


dreaming of you NEW
by: Gryphy’s Mama

Hi puppy, just sitting here thinking of you when you popped up on my screen saver. Had another dream of you this week, same thing. You were lost and I am out looking for you when I hear your bark and you come running up to me full speed and knock me over with big puppy dog kisses. So sad when I wake up from these dreams. You are always with me and now I have a mookaite to help me keep in touch with you. Say hello to Facey, Dee, Big Dog, Echo, Petey, Puppy, Mac, Bella and Mackenzie.

love you teddy bear, see you in my dreams

love mama

Oct 14, 2013


Missing my Gryphon NEW
by: Gryphon’s Mama

My Gryphie, it’s almost a year since you left me. I miss you more than words can say. I think of you every day and still talk about you like you are here. You were (are) the best puppy dog ever, past, present and future. Can not wait to see you again. I love you eternally. Mama

Aug 07, 2013


Miss you Gryphie NEW
by: Debbie Siebold

Hi Puppy Dog, it’s funny. I write this as if you can read it. I miss you! I still cannot believe you are gone. Life is still not the same without you. I dream of you about once a week. I still hear your funny RAWRRRR in the morning when you told me you had to go potty and how you would bounce on the floor to wake me up. I called you my Big Bunny Rabbit in a Teddy Bear Suit. You’d tilt your head in that infamous Rottie head tilt. There will never be anyone to replace you. I simply would not be able to live through that again. I adopted a funny looking little rag-a-muffin named Doodle who wandered away from her family when she was just 2 months old. People say she is a Schnauzer mix. I tried to teach her to Rawrrr but it doesn’t come out like yours. It’s a sissy little girl rawrr. She’s not as lovable as you and she’d rather play with other dogs than be with me. The complete opposite of you. But I love her, she’d safe with me. I just miss you almost unbearably. I love you – Mama

Apr 04, 2013


Sorry for r loss NEW
by: Anonymous

I also lost my precious rottie, Chance, march 19 2013 , she had just turned 7 on march 17, she battled bone cancer for almost a year my heart is in a million pieces Chance was my 3rd rottie will be getting another rottie in the future and I was searching or a male rottie name came across GRYPHON love the name! Again I am so sorry for your loss of that beautiful boy.

Dec 27, 2012


my gryphie NEW
by: mama

Mama loves her puppy. I miss you more than words can say. You were the Best dog EVER. Love you boy.

Dec 27, 2012


Miss you puppy dog NEW
by: Debbie (Gryphons mama)

I miss you you so much Gryph, my life is not the same without you. Thank you for 11 years of pure love and fun and good times. You were the Best Dog Ever, past present and future. You’d make me laugh till I cried and cry till I laughed. You were always by my side, played like a puppy right up to the end. I love you my friend, I know we will see each other again.

Nov 03, 2012


Condolences.. NEW
by: Judy & Angel

Sorry to read of the loss of your sweet Gryphon..He is now playing with my girls over the “Rainbow Bridge”..May he RIP..

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