growth of rotweller


my rottie is of 8 months and he is only 25 inches.

what should i give him for his growth?

Hi Ajay
Firstly, your Rottweiler is only 8 months old so he’s still a teenager and has LOTS of growing left to do, so he’s not small!

Your puppy is now 63.5 cms. If you check out my Rottweiler Breed Standard page you’ll see that the medium range of adult height at shoulders (withers) for a male Rottweiler is between 63 – 64cms, and the correct adult height for a male (ie within show specs) is 65 – 66 cms. So your pup is right on track.

However, regardless of that and even if he was short for his age, adult height, weight and build are mostly determined by genetics ie. his parents!

Obviously a good diet and proper veterinary care allow a puppy to reach his full potential, but his maximum height is set by his genes as is his natural ‘normal’ weight. Obviously you can make a puppy or dog fatter but you can’t make him BIGGER… and fatter is not what you want.

Just make sure your pup gets a premium diet, enough exercise and good vet care and allow him to grow to be the size that he was meant to reach. Bigger is NOT necessarily better, with Rottweilers or any other breed.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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