giving raw vegetables to Rottweilers as a treat


by Don
(Kenosha, WI, USA)


Are raw Vegetables ok to give as a treat, such as Zuchini, Green beans, tomatoes ? I see a lot of conflicting results on the internet about what can be good & what to stay away from, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Love this site, awesome job, I will post pictures of my new puppy when I pick him up on July 23rd, 7 weeks old.

Hi Don
Many raw veggies are just fine for dogs, but like people some will enjoy them, others will spit them out!

The most popular ones would be carrots, but green beans, celery and cucumber are also fine. There are a lot of vegetables (and parts of vegetables) that aren’t good for dogs, some may even be toxic to them. These include onions, garlic, green parts of tomato plants, mushrooms potato skins or the green part of potatoes (in fact any potato for your dog should be cooked first), asparagus, lima beans.

Some dogs enjoy fruit such as apples (no core or pips though), melon, bananas or blueberries. Again there is a list of fruits to avoid due to toxicity, they include avocados, citrus fruits, grapes/raisins, prunes, cherries, rhubarb, apricots, peaches and plums.

As long as you stick to these guidelines your Rottie should enjoy a little bit of fruit or vegetables as a snack now and then. As with everything else though maintain a balance.

I’m happy that you’re enjoying my website and look forward to seeing photos of your new family member. Good luck.

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Jul 20, 2011


loves fruits and veggies
by: Judy (Anngel) My almost 7 months old loves her fruits and veggies.Once she realized some were coming out of the garden she started to help…Glad I red your post as I have fed her asparagus and cherries(no problem).However, I will now educate myself more to make sure I know what not to give her..Looking forward to your puupy pics and we wish you much joy to come with your little guy.

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