gentle gaint with seperation issues

by Charlotte

he thinks we can't leave if he's infront of door..

he thinks we can’t leave if he’s infront of door..

My rott is 2 years old he has recently became a house dog. We have had no problems with house training him, he will wake us up at night if he needs to go out, even sits on the rug so I can wipe his paws which I love (don’t laugh I have white carpet).

The one problem we are having is when any of us try to leave he starts whining and running from room to room, Jumping up in the windows. I am not sure if its because of time he spent as an outside dog or if its because he does not spend much time away from me. I take him just about everywhere with me. He is very babied!!

I’m not sure what else to try to make it easier. when we all leave he is put in the basement with a toy filled with his favorite treats. If I’m home i just use play and that seems to work for the most part.

But he is still anxious, looking out windows and smelling by the door. Any advice you could give would be grateful..

Hi Charlotte
That is a beautiful boy you have there, that photo made me smile 🙂

I’m not sure if you’ve had this Rottie since he was a pup and he’s only recently been allowed indoors, or whether he’s a rescue that you’ve had for a short while. Either way it does sound as though he gets a bit anxious when you all leave, but it doesn’t sound extreme.

Unless he actually gets so upset that he destroys things, barks incessantly until you come home, or eliminates in the house because he’s stressed, then it’s not true separation anxiety which is good. Although he’s not showing these types of signs, you may find this webpage useful as it has a lot of tips and advice on dealing with this condition…. Separation Anxiety In Your Dog and you may pick up a few helpful pointers.

Leaving him with a couple of favorite sturdy toys is a good idea, you may also want to try one of the dog relaxation CD’s or DVD’s that are specifically designed to help calm dogs who are anxious. There are other natural products etc. too if necessary and you’ll find links to them from the page on separation anxiety that I linked to in the paragraph above.

Overall it sounds as though your dog has a great temperament and is adapting well to being indoors with you, and to his new lifestyle. Just be patient with him and give him lots of love, but don’t ‘over-spoil’ him, he does need to learn that it’s okay for him to be by himself for short periods of time. Whatever ‘rules’ you set up now are the ones he will remember and lay the foundation for his behavior indoors, so start off as you mean to go on. Also, it helps to realize that dogs thrive on routine and structure and it helps them to feel less anxious when they know what to expect on a daily basis.

I hope this helps put your mind at rest and I wish you the very best of luck with him.

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Feb 10, 2011


Thanks for the additional info…
by: Sue from A Love Of Rottweilers

As you’ve had your dog since he was young, you will know him well by now and shouldn’t have any ‘unknowns’ to deal with. That makes it easier.

I think he’s going to be just fine once he adjusts. Best of luck to all of you.

Feb 10, 2011


a little more detail
by: Charlotte

I am sorry I didnt give enough detail. We got him from a friend when he was 6 months. Since we did not have our own home yet he was set up in the yard. We have since moved and he has went from a mud covered puppy in the yard to sleeping across my bed(the entire bed).

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