full blooded rottweiler

by robert
(lockney texas usa)

how do i know if my rottweiler is full blooded?

Hi Robert
The only way to be sure a dog (of any breed) is purebred, or full-blooded, is if the parents both have registration papers from the AKC (or a similar organization) and if the litter the pup is from is also registered.

Other than that you have to take the breeders word for it, and it’s sometimes impossible to tell just by looking. A responsible, reputable breeder will have dogs who are registered.

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Dec 13, 2012


Got scammed! NEW
by: Anonymous

8 yrs ago, I answered an ad for a 6 week old male Rotweiller puppy for sale. I was told he was the only one to survive. I saw both parents and received registration papers. As my puppy grew several people; trainer, vet, friends ALL questioned if he was full bloodied.as he was very long legged and had floppy hound dog ears. It was almost a full year later that I met someone that was a neighbor to the people I purchased the dog from and they told me the bitch had gotten loose and bred with a mixed breed producing a litter of 8 puppies, mine being the only one resembling a true Rott! He is now 8 yrs old and I love him dearly. Absolutely the best friend I’ve ever had. But this is an example of how breeders can deceive. I also found out that the studs papers were from another dog entirely. Any suggestions on how to purchase a real purebred German Rotweiler. I did write a letter to the AKC and turned these people in but found out this stuff goes on alot. Makes a person feel like just getting a Pound Puppy!

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