Follow up question on neutering and growth

by Brian
(Houston, Texas)

Hi Sue!

Love your website. I sent you a question last week about my Atticus, but the photos were too small for you to see. Can you please take a look and give me your opinion on bone structure, size, overall look and development. (too fat, too skinny), etc.

Thank you so so much!

Hi Brian
Thanks for sending slightly bigger photos, it helps a little…. but as Judy noted on her comment to your original question posted here…, it would be easier for me if the photos weren’t looking down on him so much. That skews the impression a bit.

Checking your original post I see you’ve had some input from other Rottie owners too and that you’ve provided a bit more info. as well. That’s great because it not only helps you, it helps other visitors who have the same sort of worries.

Obviously it’s impossible for me to say for sure whether or not neutering him before 6 months has made any difference to his eventual, adult size but in terms of his health, it’s my personal opinion that it is more likely to have positive effects on that, than negative ones. Also, as I mentioned previously I have not personally noticed that neutering early on causes ‘stunted growth or development’. Atticus’s bone size, height, coloring, weight, head shape, ear set etc. etc. is 99% down to genetics, the rest is down to his diet and health care.

From these photos he looks like a very average-sized Rottweiler, not very large, but not undersized either. I also don’t think he’s underweight or overweight. He has a very sweet and loving expression and is fairly solidly built. He’s only two years old and could continue to grow and fill out for another year or so, how quickly he matures and to what size is again determined by his parents more than anything else.

He looks like a happy, healthy Rottie and that’s exactly what you want. Looks are only a very small part of the whole package, and even if he’s not the biggest or stockiest of Rottweilers, I don’t think you have anything to worry about in any way.

Hope this helps to put your mind at rest and allows you to enjoy your dog and appreciate him for the special individual that he is. Best of luck to you both!

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Mar 22, 2012

Per your request NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

/rottweiler-puppy-pics-2.html and scroll down to the 4th set of photos. Look for the name Zuwachs.

Yes, I do contribute to this site quite often. It is the most comprehensive site about Rottweilers I have found and I’m honored that Sue (tes owner) allows me to do so. I also bred German Shepherds and trained them professionaly for personal protection, explosives detection, and narcotics interdiction for 10 years. The breeds are very similar in temperment, trainablility, and genetic/health issues.

Mar 22, 2012

see them grow??? NEW
by: Anonymous

@Christopher Bayhi I was looking for your dogs pics but cannot find a “see them grow” section..can you be more specific as to what section he is in? would it be “puppy pics”? although I did not see him there either..just curious to see your dogs as you have alot of input on posts..thanks..

Mar 22, 2012

“Lanky” because he’s neutered? NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

To the OP…I reviewed your original post. My male, Zuwachs, is on page two of the “See Them Grow” section of this website. Just look for his name. He is now about 20 months old and is still intact. If you notice, he went through his “ugly” phase but is now fillig out. He grew “up” first and now he’s growing “out”. ADRK states that 50kg (110lb) is the expected weight, while AKC deos not show a specify a weight. Zuwachs was 110 at 16 months and already broken 120 today.

I highly doubt that getting your boy fixed at 6 months will stunt his growth.

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