First time rottweiler owners – is it fair?

by Egle
(Newcastle upon Tyne )


I would like to say that I absolutely love your website. It has a lot of great information and obviously – love for rottweilers. 🙂

I have grown with various dogs since I was a kid as my grandma always had one & have also had a chance to know a few rottweilers from rather close relatives. I have wanted one since I was 10, however, my parents couldn’t commit to one since we were living in a flat.

I am 23 now and me and my partner feel that we could provide for one – we have a detached house, a big garden and good jobs. We have been doing a lot research and have 2 things “nagging” us.

Firstly rottweilers are not recommended for novice owners. And I sort of understand why, however, it doesn’t feel right to get any other dog breed.. if we are prepared on doing research,training and paying for professional training classes – do you think we would still be putting puppy at risk of not receiving the right training and potential development risks any more than anyone else who let’s say owned 2 labradors before?

The other thing – we both have 9-5 jobs. We would be able to take some holiday when dog is a puppy go back on lunch times. however again – again I am not sure how fair it on a puppy? But on the other hand thinking like that no one with 9-5 jobs could own one?

Would really appreciate your advice
Kind regards

Hi Egle, you have two good questions here and it’s always great when I see someone is taking the time to really think about their decision and to do their best to make sure they can provide whatever their new puppy would need before making a commitment. You’re already ahead of the curve 🙂

First question first… Would you be able to give a Rottweiler puppy what he/she needs even though you’re a first time owner?

From the info. you’ve supplied here I would say that even though you haven’t personally owned a dog you have been around them your whole life and understand that they are live beings who have a lot of needs of their own and will require a lot of time, patience, love.. and money… over their lifetime. So, you’re in the right mind-frame for a dog.

But, a Rottweiler as a first-time owner? That’s a bit more difficult to answer because YOUR personality and your level of confidence around dogs and practical experience factor in more and I’m not privy to all of that. Rottweilers are amazing dogs, the best, but they are big, strong dogs who (especially as adolescents) can be strong-willed. You need to be confident that you can give a Rottie pup the guidance and confidence it needs to see you both as the pack leaders. They’re also an extremely loving, sensitive breed and need a LOT of love and time and attention.

There are good reasons why Rottweilers are not the best choice for first time dog owners, but as you feel a Rottie is THE breed for you and you’re obviously committed to research, training and making sure you ‘get it right’ with your pup, I personally think you will do just fine. When choosing your puppy only buy from a reputable breeder and try to find a ‘middle of the road’ type puppy. One who is friendly, playful and confident.. but not the bossy ‘alpha’ puppy, and preferably not a shy puppy. Both those types of personality are more challenging and better suited to experienced dog owners. A good breeder will help you pick the right pup for you.

Second question.. is it fair to raise a puppy when you’re gone 9-5 every day.

Obviously it’s not the ideal scenario, but in our society this is the norm for a two-working-person household and many, many puppies are raised to grow into happy, healthy dogs in this situation.

Taking time off during the first few weeks is vital, and being able to go home during the work day for a potty break and playtime is essential to begin with. If you can’t do it for at least several months then I would strongly recommend finding a relative, neighbor, friend or even a dog-sitter who will do this for you. It makes a lot of difference to the puppy.

When you’re gone all day you need to commit to being home and spending time with your puppy evenings and weekends. Rottweilers are sensitive, loving and loyal dogs and they do not do well left alone for extended periods or without proper, reliable guidance, training and socialization. Being at work 9-5 is (in my opinion) not a deal breaker as long as you understand that you’ll need to make arrangements and perhaps change your leisure time plans up a bit in order to ensure your pup gets the time, love, training, socialization and bonding that he/she needs from you.

I hope this helps and wish you both the very best of luck as you move forward with this. If you do get your Rottie pup please feel free to come back and share the news with us – complete with photos 🙂
~ Sue

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Mar 18, 2017

I want to make friends with a Rottweiler pup NEW
by: Anonymous

My best friend has just got a Rottweiler pup who is about 3 and 1/2 months old. Its an adorable pup and plays around, but dosent respond to his name yet. I frequent thier house often and he is a first time dog owner, at first i fed the pup told him to sit, he readily did so, but sometimes he barks at me and tries to chew my feet, and i am a bit scared of dogs in general so i kind of get scared of him. How do i make friends with him and what is the best way to train him?

Mar 16, 2017

Deal breakers… NEW
by: Adelvina’s Mom

Here are a couple things I’ve learned..all in concert with the response you received:

Do you have children or grandchildren? Or plan to? You have to take this into consideration. Ur first Rottie we did all wrong…we chose the alpha male…my husband chose because they clicked when they met…which was important to us. My husband and I had no problem with this but being pack animals, he wanted to work his way up the totum poll for status…which would be normal and appropriate in a pack situation…however it required a lot more training for him to understand his position in this pack…which was human. This toe would mor of a deal breaker than either of the two reasons you listed.

I commute an hour a day and my husband works 9-80s so we are gone a lot during the week. Find a GOOD local reputable dog sitter/ Walker/ doggie day care that works for you and your budget. This is not an obstical that can’t be over come…just make sure your doggie day care doesn’t spend more time with your baby than you do! And when you get time with your baby, make it memorable…weekend trips to the snow or beach are super exciting for our Rottie babies! Also take your time with your baby to create a job for your baby! They are primarily a working breed. If they have a jib and a CLEAR way to please you, they will adapt to your schedule better!!

Could say lots more but I’ll give others an opportunity to give you more good advice…besides…I need to go spend time with my Rottie!! ????

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