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Where is a good place in Orlando to find a good pup from a breeder ? I found two, but both were from two different pet stores, one I love it was a girl for $ 1000.00 and the other a male, which I was not too fond with 9 weeks and already growling, he was $1200.

I have a seven year old daughter, could this breed be a bad idea? I reason I was searching for a rottie, is because I have always loved the look of the prior to having my daughter, and I fell in love with my friends one many years ago.

Last question, why are prices so different, what is a reasonable price for a rottie?

This is actually a very complex question and I’d recommend that you read my Choosing A Rottweiler Breeder page for tips and advice on how to tell the difference between a good breeder and a not-so-good breeder.

I’d strongly advise staying away from petstore puppies as these are often from Puppy Mills or unreputable sources, and as you can’t see the parents you can’t judge whether or not there are any congenital problems, either physical or temperamental, that the pups may have.

Rottweilers are fantastic dogs, and make great family pets, but it’s very important to only buy a pup who is from sound parents and whose health and temperament is excellent. You need a responsible and ethical breeder for that. Here are a few Rottie breeders in Florida that you may want to look at, they are the type of breeders I’d consider myself.

Der Korperkraft Von Rottweilers

Vom Legende Rottweilers

Alfalars Rottweilers

Vom Chandlerhaus Rottweilers

As for price, that can vary A LOT! If you want a puppy for showing, then the price is more than if you are simply looking for a pet. The price usually reflects the quality of the dogs and the breeding program, and the health and temperament of the dogs themselves. A ball park figure for a pet-quality pup from an excellent breeder may be around $1500, but as I said it varies tremendously. A show quality pup could be $2000 and up.

Do your research and take your time picking a breeder, then allow them to help you find the perfect puppy for you and your family. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Aug 09, 2010


finding a rottie pup
by: Anonymous

would it not be cheaper to import i`ve just bought a rottie pup for 350.gbpounds kc registerd they sell over here for a lot less than in the states

Aug 09, 2010


by: Anonymous

hey yea im looking for female pup in nsw no anyone seling one ??

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