Fence big enough for a Rottweiler

by mikeee

Hi, I am wanting to get a Rottweiler.

i have the money but my mum is concerned about our fence, do you think a fence that comes up to my stomach and i am 5.8 ft) would be a problem ?

Hi Mikee
Rottweilers aren’t generally ‘jumpers’ (although one of my males could clear a six foot fence when he was a adolescent), so height isn’t as important as how sturdy it is. Rottweilers are big and strong and can do some damage if they decide to throw themselves at a flimsy fence.

However, this is probably not something I would be too concerned about as if you are getting a puppy you have plenty of time to train him/her not to jump the fence and so on.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs and make excellent pets, but they do need an experienced owner who is able to ‘take control’ in a loving, calm and firm manner. I’d recommend that you read the pages on this site that deal with the Rottweiler temperament, behavior and so on and also study the info on raising a Rottweiler puppy, before you decide on this breed.

Don’t rush into it and take your time to understand the breed characteristics and then if you decide to purchase a Rottweiler choose your breeder carefully. Here are the pages I’d recommend….

Hope this helps, best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

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