feeding my 3 month rottweiler

by Jim

I would just like to say I love your web site it’s full of info on rotts.

I have been feeding my rottweiler orijen puppy for large breed dogs, he’s just came back from vet and his weight is 23.5 lbs which I guess is ok but I wondering will it hurt him if I mix in half ground meat, turkey with his dog food once or twice a week?

I think the breeder fed his dogs raw meat, because when I purchased Dallas I saw raw meat on the counter. The first time I fed Dallas he was looking up at the counter. I have been doing research on raw diets and I don’t want to go completely on raw diet.

Thank you, Jim

Hi Jim
I’m happy that you’re enjoying my website and finding it useful 🙂

As far as weight goes, all puppies are different and 23.5lbs for a 12 week old pup is perfectly fine. Each pup will grow at a different rate and their genetics will determine what type of build they have. Of course, feeding a quality diet is very important and will allow your pup to reach his maximum potential in terms of growth, development and health.

You are already using a premium food, so that’s great. I don’t think that adding fresh meat to his diet will do him any harm at all as long as you continue with the food you are using so that he gets all the other essential nutrients as well.

Feeding a dog a totally raw diet (or a homemade diet of any sort) does require considerable time, effort and attention to detail and it’s not a good fit for the majority of owners. It’s also not recommended for puppies in general as they have very specific dietary needs. But there are definitely ways to give your dog the chance to enjoy the benefits of raw meat in addition to his premium, commercial food.

You may find these two web pages interesting and helpful…

Feeding A Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Creating A Raw Dog Food Recipe (this page also has information on, and links to, pet food mixes that can make feeding a raw food diet much easier for dog owners).

Overall, I think at this point it would be fine to add some raw ground meat to his food a couple of times a week. I would suggest that you double-check with your veterinarian too though, as it’s always wise to get a professional opinion.

Hope this helps, best of luck with Dallas.

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Nov 12, 2015

Best food NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a 3month old Rottweiler and have been feeding her
Blue buffalo puppy food I did switch her over with mixing her old food into the new for 2weeks
She was doing good but then started with liquid diahrrea every time she poops I stopped the treats and wilderness food and gave her rice and chicken to settle her stomach it worked for little time but then as we switched back to the wilderness puppy food she had diahrrea.
What is the best food for Rottweiler between puppy and adult hood also how many cup servings should she be getting
Thank you for your time

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