5 Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs

Large dogs are going to need to eat more than their smaller counterparts, but that doesn’t mean you want to get just any bowl for them. You want something that’s going to look good while giving them everything they need. But which feeding bowls for large dogs are the right ones for you? 

Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs Reviews

We’re going to take a closer look at some of the top options for feeding bowls that your large size dog can use. 

1. Super Design Mess-Free Bowl

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Available in two different colors, this large bowl has an elevated design to make it easier for your dog to eat their fill. It’s also made with stainless steel to cut down on the risk of bacteria, rust, and more. The bowl itself is large enough for even your biggest dog and the raised edges make sure no food gets out. And it’s designed with non-slip feet to keep it in place while your dog is enjoying their meal. 


  • Elevated to reduce neck strain for your dog
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Non-slip design to keep it steady


  • Base size is quite large
  • Cup size is not quite accurate

2. Pawfect Pets Elevated Feeder

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Feeding your pets is a whole lot easier when you have plenty of space and this set gives you four bowls to make sure everyone has what they need. It offers 2 1 ½ cup bowls as well as 2 2 ½ cup bowls so there’s plenty of space for food or water for your animals. The raised platform makes it spill proof and provides better digestive health with a sleek design at the same time. 


  • Stainless steel bowls for health and safety
  • Improves overall digestive health with raised eating
  • Spill-proof design to cut down on mess


  • Wood holder is not protected from mold
  • Coating on inside of bowls

3. Pet Fusion Elevated Dog Bowls

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The sleek style of these elevated dog bowls makes them a great pick for your home. You get two stainless steel bowls that are set into a bamboo ‘table’ to keep them elevated for better comfort for your dog. They’re also available in two different sizes so you can get one that fits the size of your dog. Made with natural bamboo, this set is designed to keep your dog healthier and also makes sure that they get the right amount of food. 


  • Anti-slip feet to keep the table and bowls steady
  • Water resistant to protect against spills
  • Improves digestive health and wellness


  • Not ideal for water use
  • Bowls do not feel heavy duty

4. Peggy 11 No Skid Stainless Steel Bowl

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If you’re looking for something simple, functional, easy to clean and doesn’t slip, then  this is the one for you. It’s a no-frills dog bowl that will store easily enough food for even the largest of dogs. It comes with a non-slip rubber foot to stop it sliding about and is stainless steal so also easy to clean.  


  • Cheap
  • Great non-slip sole
  • Simple and effective


  • Could be more duarable
  • Feel thin and can dent easily

5. Pet Zone Designer Diner Dog Bowls

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If you want to have better control over the height of your pets dishes then this is where you want to go. It gives you three different height options so you can easily set it to fit your dog more comfortably and you’ll get stainless steel bowls to go along with it. That means you don’t have to worry about cleaning. You can fold this system up to take with you when you travel and you can keep them clean and ready to go whenever and wherever you need them.


  • Adjustable height for growing dogs
  • Folds way when not needed or for travel
  • Improves digestion and comfort for your dog


  • Ridges trap water and can rust
  • May not be  high enough for the tallest dogs

Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs Buying Guide

When buying feeding bowls for large dogs you need to make sure that you look at these important features before you make your choice.

Overall Size

The first thing to look at is the overall size of the setup that you’re getting. Remember, you have a large dog and you want something that will get them enough food for whatever period of time you want. If you’re looking to give just enough food for a single feeding at a time you may be able to go with a smaller dish.

The smaller your dog the smaller the dish you can use as well, because they don’t need as much food. On the other hand, if you’re going to be gone for an extended period or if you have a larger dog you’ll need a larger bowl to hold enough.

Pay attention to how much food you feed your dog every day and how frequently as well. Then, make sure that the bowl you’re looking at will hold at least that much food at a time. This will ensure you don’t have to refill the dish multiple times per day if you don’t really want to. 

Make sure you’re not getting a dish that’s too large either. A dish that is too big may actually make it harder for your dog to get the food out as they will be reaching down into the bowl, which is already placed higher than what they may be used to. Instead of helping with digestion, this could actually cause more strain. 

Construction Material

Next, look at what the bowl is actually made of. You want stainless steel or ceramic, which will give you durability and strength without the fear of rust and chipping. These materials are two of the highest quality that you’ll find and you can find them in all different price ranges.

Make sure to get true stainless steel, as well, rather than a cheaper or imitation material which may actually rust. Also, make sure that you get something thick enough that it won’t be flimsy or prone to breaking if dropped or knocked over. 

If you get an elevated dish system you should look at the material that the elevated platform is made of as well. High quality wood is good for durability but it needs to be well sealed to prevent water damage. Bamboo can also be good as it does well even when wet. 

Plastic may be too flimsy or weak and also may leach other types of chemicals into the food or water you’re giving your dog. Make sure you’re looking for something that’s high quality and that can stand up to the abuse that your dog may put it through. 


When you’re ready to clean the system that you choose you want to make sure that it’s going to come clean. And you want it to come clean with minimal work on your part. So, what do you do? You’ll need to consider the material and the method of cleaning when you buy.

Look for dishwasher safe products if possible, which are easy to clean and put directly into your machine. Or, at least look for something that wipes out easily, like stainless steel. Ceramic or plastic may stain, depending on the type of food that you put into it, so be aware of this and clean the dishes more frequently.

Also, consider the types of cleaners that you can and should use on different materials. Abrasive cleaners are not good for any of these bowl types but many chemical cleaners are not good for ceramic or plastic at all. Stainless steel is less likely to absorb the products you use for cleaning.

Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs FAQ

What are some of the top questions that dog lovers tend to ask when choosing the right feeding bowl? Well, we’re going to take a look at what you need to know here.

Should I Get an Elevated Feeding Station?

First, should you get an elevated feeding station like the ones we’ve mentioned? The short answer is that you should. That’s because there are actually a number of health benefits associated with an elevated platform for eating.

For one thing, putting your dogs dish up at a higher level makes it easier for them to reach, without having to bend their neck and their back as far. Food dishes on the floor can cause strain to these areas, especially for larger dogs as they have further to bend.

Also, elevated dishes improve the digestion of your pets because the food is more easily able to get through the digestive system. When your dog has to bend in order to eat this can slow the digestive process and may result in more illness. 

What Material Should My Dogs Bowl Be?

If you have a choice, stainless steel is generally the best option for your dogs bowl. That’s because it’s rust-resistant and easy to clean at the same time. You’ll be getting the best of both worlds and you don’t have to worry about bacteria growing on it or chemicals getting absorbed in.

Ceramic bowls can be relatively simple to clean but they can stain if you give your dog foods with a lot of gravies or with bolder colors. Plastic may give you the same problems. Also, ceramic bowls can be quite fragile, which means that you need to be careful about dropping them or them getting knocked over by a rambunctious dog.

Plastic is very flimsy and can actually be a safety hazard if your dog likes to chew. This is even more important when you’re considering thin plastic bowls, which could easily break apart and cause a choking hazard. Instead, try to avoid the plastic dishes. These can also absorb chemicals and release them into your dogs food and water as well as harboring bacteria. 

Is There a Difference Between Different Dog Bowls?

There are some differences between bowls but not all of the things that you see advertised are actually about giving your dog more or less. Rather, they’re just about the style and aesthetics of the bowl that you’re considering. 

If you want something that looks stylish you may want to get a different design for the bowls you’re picking out or the elevated stand. But these are not necessary as they won’t actually change the capabilities of the bowls themselves.

Instead, make sure you’re getting something that’s made with durable materials that are washable to provide what your dog needs. You’ll also need something that’s large enough to give them the amount of food they need at any one time (or longer if you’re planning to be away for a while). 

From there, everything else is going to be about your personal preference, which could be for one type of bowl over another or one type of stand over another. Choose something that’s going to fit both of your needs. 

Find the Feeding Bowls for Large Dogs That’s Right for You

Finding the right feeding bowls doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what you’re looking for. Take a look at the different options we’ve discussed above and then make sure that you’re choosing something that fits you and your dog. 

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