Extra Markings on Rottweiler Puppy Jax

by Louise Williams
(Tulsa OK)

My Rottweiler, Jax, is 14 weeks. He is AKC.

My question is…He has an ‘extra’ rust marking on his chest, between his head and chest. I haven’t seen this yet on others. He also has a black mask.

Would that keep him out of ‘conformation’?

Hi Louise
It’s difficult to tell from the photo where exactly the marking on his chest is, or how big/what shape. Rust coloring on the throat is acceptable, if it’s on the chest it is considered a ‘serious fault’.

The darker muzzle shouldn’t be a disqualification as long as he has markings along the side of the muzzle which it appears he does.

If you were sold Jax as a ‘show quality’ puppy and the rust marking on his chest is obvious then I would go back to the breeder and ask them about it as in my personal opinion that is a problem in terms of conformation. ‘Show quality’ isn’t a guarantee as pups can change as they grow, but markings generally just get bigger… so if there’s one in the wrong place it’s unlikely to improve (unless it’s simply a few hairs in which case it can disappear as the pup matures).

Jax is a beautiful pup and looks happy and healthy, and unless you bought him with the serious intention of showing him I wouldn’t worry too much about his markings :o)

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Aug 26, 2010


by: Louise Williams

Thanks for your comments…The marking is the V between his throat and chest. I am just very curious, as I have never seen that mark before…He will be going to Puppy Kintergarten next week, then obdience, and on to Rally or Agility. I bought him for a pet, and will be neutering him, so conformation isn’t big on the list of accomplishments I have in store for him, just thinking about it. He is so smart…He learned ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘lay’ and ‘speak’ by 13 weeks! This site is AWESOME and I have a shortcut created for it on my desktop!!!

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