Exercise for rottweiler pup

by Girish

Hi sue.
happy new year

my query is about exercise to rottweiler pup this time.

8 months – big bones. but I feel muscle mass not enough specially thigh bones.

with more heavy bone, more muscle mass required to support the structure. specially considering my pup is being bought up in Flat and that have restrictions on him to play around at his will running around ground chasing flies etc and no facility for swimming too or beach sand to walk through.

current schedule- Daily
walking 3 km in morning
climbing up and down – 18 floors through stairs up and down.
twice (once in morning and once in evening)

is that enough or excess for a 8 month pup ?

he is willing to walk more and even after all this, keeps jumping around and keep pulling childrens dress to play with him. energy and stamina is there.

is one day work and another day complete rest will help him build better muscles ?

Hi Girish
Happy New Year to you and your family too :o)

At 8 months old Rocky is still a pup, and he will grow in ‘fits and starts’. I totally understand your point about pups with large, heavy bone requiring stronger muscles and ligaments to support that heavier skeleton, however the height/weight/muscle-mass increases don’t generally increase proportionally.

Walking up and down slopes such as hills, or walking on sand does help build muscle better than simply walking on flat ground, but the exercise regimen you describe is enough for a pup of this age in my personal opinion.

It’s difficult to find the balance between getting enough exercise, and overdoing it, and it’s better too little than too much – you don’t want to damage those joints. Be careful with him going up and down the stairs as the back legs (knee joint) on Rottweilers can be injured easily if there’s a slip or fall. Still, I’m sure that your pup is used to this activity by now so he should be pretty safe.

The most important thing in terms of giving him the ability to develop good muscle mass is the diet, so continue to pay close attention to his nutrition, it’s equally as important as how much exercise he gets.

Rocky is still a puppy and is now an adolescent pup, so he will be rambunctious and ‘full of himself’ for a while! I know that you have plenty of experience and knowledge of this breed, so follow your instincts as much as possible and just always err on the side of caution if you’re concerned.

Best of luck, looking forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful pup as he grows up!

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May 10, 2016


plz Help NEW
by: Gaurav

Hy everybody I buy a female Rottweiler and Now she is 3 month old what can I feed her how many times and how many
What to do for large head can u say any exercise ??

May 10, 2016


plz Help NEW
by: Gaurav

Hy everybody I buy a female Rottweiler and Now she is 3 month old what can I feed her how many times and how many
What to do for large head can u say any exercise ??

Oct 22, 2015


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Hello Respected.

I have one around 10.5 months old pls detail me the best exercise for him. I take him daily morning in park He run around 300 mtr sprint and then around 1 km normal walk and in eveng half km normal walk pls detail me it’s ok for him or I need to put more on him.

Jan 12, 2011


climbing stairs
by: Girish

best exercise is swimming. then lot of free play around on gardens.

when you lack both this above facility specially being in metros.. stair climbing come into as an alternative

climbing up stairs. slowly step by step. not runnnig . is very good as it put equal weight on all four legs of pup and will help to develop.

as a precaution not to put additional stress. we are practicing it bit diff. way.

Climbing up slowly on stairs.and when coming back which i found bit more easier making pup to rather move fast and run down… just to avoid any risk, climbing up wards through stairs and coming down use LIFT 🙂

Jan 05, 2011


Rottie teenager exercise
by: Martha

I also had questions about exercising my Rottie – she’s 16 months old now. I spoke to a few breeders, all of whom said that Rotties should not be allowed on stairs unless necessary until they’re at least 18 months old. Apparently stairs are very hard on the developing hip sockets. Also, they said no jumping where they catch their weight on their back legs, like when jumping out of cars or off of furniture. A trainer recently also told me that walks should be limited to about 20 minutes at a time until 18 months (but you can do a few walks a day). I told her that I take my dog to a dog park where she runs a lot, and the difference is that at the park, she can rest when she wants; on a walk, she has to go as long as I do, even if she’s uncomfortable. Another tip they gave me is that when you’re walking, try to leg the dog walk on the grass while you walk on the sidewalk, the softer surface is easier on the joints. After around 18 months, any activity is fine. Good luck!

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