excessive hair loss in Rottweiler

by jan

My rottie is losing masses of hair, i know these dogs do moult a lot but she has been losing masses for 3 weeks, and now showing bald patches.

What can i do to help her?

Hi Jan
Rottweilers do tend to shed, a lot, and in the summer they also go through a pretty impressive moult! However, this sounds to me as though it’s more than that. Bald or bare patches aren’t normal.

I can really only suggest that you take her to your vet for an examination as it’s possible there’s some underlying health condition that’s causing this excessive hair loss.

If she’s itching or scratching a lot, or has red/irritated skin it could be that she’s suffering from allergies of some sort. A contact, or seasonal allergy, can cause these sort of symptoms. Rottweilers are a breed that seem to be prone to this type of problem and you can read more about this on my Canine Allergies page.

There are also other conditions that can cause hair loss and bald patches, including Mange which is a skin condition involving tiny mites. You can find info. on this here…. Mange In Dogs

Your vet is really the only person who can make an accurate diagnosis though, so I’d suggest that you get her an appointment as soon as you can.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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