excercise and food for Rottweiler mix

by John


I own a cross breed of Rotty and Border Collie but apart from the little bits of white on his paws you’d think he was a pure bred.

Just wondering if you have any ideas about exercise and the amount I should feed him. He’s 8 months old and I have recently changed his food to a more nutritional brand but seeing that it is less in quantity – Paddy always seems starving and unsettled, as if he is dying for some more food.

Hi John
Generally a pup (or dog) needs to eat less of a premium food because it’s dense in nutrients. However, if Paddy is still acting as if he’s hungry when you’ve given him the recommended amount, then personally I’d simply give him some more.

I use the instructions on the bag as a guideline, but all dogs are different and some are ‘chow hounds’ where others are just ‘picky’. Also, puppies in particular go through phases and stages when it comes to appetite, and during times of spurts in growth/development they can be extra-hungry. At 8 months old Paddy is the equivalent of a human teenager… and just think how much a teenage boy can eat, and usually does!!

As for exercise, you don’t want to overdo things as his bones and joints are still not mature, but a couple of daily walks, a play session and a training session should be about right. No jumping from any sort of height (ie from a pick up truck, off a low wall etc.), and no jogging or pounding on hard surfaces such as concrete, because these can cause damage in a pup. Other than that pretty much anything is okay.

Hope this helps, best of luck with Paddy.

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Jan 21, 2011


Hungry Teens
by: Sherry

I agree with the above post…you have a teenager on your hands and one that is made of two very active breeds. I love active dogs myself and that is why I choose to have a Rottweiler. With them comes a large appetite. The more active the breed, the more they eat…they burn a lot more calories than just an average dog. I have always had to feed active dogs more than the recommended guidelines will tell you because of the amount of energy they put out.

I would also be curious as to whether there are any other animals around being fed at the same time? We have over 50 animals in our yard…yes, we live in the country and have a small mini-farm…some animals…especially dogs, will do what we call jealous eating…they are finished with their’s but want what another is taking their time to eat. If this isn’t the case, the puppy just may need a little more than it is getting and by all means, give it to him. As long as you don’t see to much weight going on (which usually doesn’t happen while they are young) you will know that you aren’t giving to much. I have had some puppies and dogs of bigger active breeds eat 1 to 2 cups more a day than the recommended guidelines…each one is different. I have raised everything from mutts to Pitbulls…though my Rottweilers hold my heart…they all come with differences in so many ways, including eating habits. Rule of thumb for a normal average dog is where the guidelines come from…for a dog that is less active, they require less…one that is more active, they require more. A Rottweiler is a very active dog…they love to run and play hard! As does the Border Collie…so I would venture to say, you have a very active puppy that needs more to keep up with his energy requirements.

Hope I have said something that helps. Good luck with reaching a happy place at feeding time for you and your puppy.

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