eating question relating to older Rottweiler

by gary

my rottie is 11 years old and he only eats 2 little tins a day, but he’s getting massive…. his belly mostly… he looks like he’s overfed…. but he’s not….. any ideas….please?

Hi Gary
Like humans, older dogs can gain some weight around their middle. Their bodies slow down and don’t metabolize their food the same way, plus they’re often a lot less active and not burning calories.

However, I would definitely recommend having your dog examined by your veterinarian to make sure that there isn’t any other underlying health condition … such as a tumor, diabetes etc.

If he gets a ‘clean bill of health’ then you may want to start giving him a food that’s specifically designed for older dogs, and perhaps increasing his activity level – but do this slowly and carefully. Don’t overdo and check with your vet for advice first.

Best of luck with your dog.

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