Dry nails on my Rottie pup

by Judy

white line

white line

white line


My 5+ months old puppy (Angel)has dry looking nails. They seem to have a white line across the nail on all of them. It looks like the top layer is separating(dried out)..Any suggestion as to why?

Could she be lacking something in her diet.She is on a good puppy for large breed dog food (ingredients wise)..

Hope the pictures help.. Thanks for any info..

Hi Judy
Actually, I have to say that I don’t have any real ideas on this! Generally dog nail care is pretty straightforward and apart from the occasional split or torn nail there’s not much to do except trim them regularly.

Of course, they’re pretty much like human nails and if there are ridges, lines, cracks etc. then either the nail bed is damaged (which is unlikely here as the problem is on all of them), or it’s a dietary thing. A pigment issue is also possible I guess, but I’ve never seen it.

If Angel is eating a premium puppy food especially for large breeds then she should be getting everything she needs. But, it probably wouldn’t hurt to add an Omega-3 or fish-oil supplement to her diet. These essential fatty acids can help with dry skin, coat… and nails.

These products are just a couple of the options out there….

Ark Naturals Royal Coat for Dogs and Cats

Only Natural Pet Omega 3-6-9 Dog & Cat Supplement 90 Gelcaps

It might also be worth mentioning this to your vet as well, just to make sure that there’s not some health issue that could cause this that we’re not aware of. As long as she’s happy, healthy and active otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If anyone else has experienced this problem with their dog’s nails and has tips or advice for Judy, please use the comments form below to post here.

Thanks 🙂

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Aug 17, 2013


Rotti Nails NEW
by: Anonymous

Our Rotti- rescue pup has the same white stripe on all nails and the vet thinks it is because it left its mother too soon and didn’t get moms milk long enough

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