dog very sleepy

by john ridgley
(high wycombe buckinghamshire england uk )

i have a 5 year old rottweiler that has been great but last couple of days he has been very sleepy, gets up when he wants.

he used to get up with me, now he stays on his bed most of the day but still eating drinking going to the toilet all ok going for his walks ok.

maybe his just getting old i don’t know but if you have answer that be great

Hi John
It’s possible that your dog is just slowing down a little now he’s mature, that’s normal… but it doesn’t usually happen suddenly. It kind of comes on over time.

Although everything else seems okay, if this is a sudden change in his activity level, then I would suggest that you have your vet take a look at him to make sure that there’s not some underlying health issue causing the problem.

It could be a low-grade infection, or parasites or something simple that’s pulling his system down. Or it could just be that he’s getting older, but I’d really recommend getting a professional evaluation to be sure.

Best of luck, hope he gets a clean bill of health.

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Sep 12, 2010


Sleepy Dog
by: Maria

Please take your dog to the vet. It may only be an infection that can be treated with medication. Don’t ever take a chance with your child. If u know your dog is acting different don’t hesitate.

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