5 Best Pee Pads for Large Dogs

For those who want to train their dog to go to the bathroom in specific areas, dog pee pads are essential. But how do you find the best dog pee pads and make sure that your dog is actually going to use them?

Dog Pee Pad Reviews

We are going to take a closer look at five of the top dog pee pads to see which ones will work best for you and which ones are designed for just what you need. 

1. The Proper Pet Pee Pads – Best Overall

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With these pads you’re actually going to have a two pack that’s easily washable. Instead of buying a bunch of disposable pads that you’ll need to replace all the time you can simply swap between two that are reusable indefinitely. They come in different sizes and work great for training puppies or you can use them for older or sick dogs. They’re non-slip, eco-friendly, leak-proof and they’re easy to take with you on the go. 


  • Includes training eBook to get your dog to use the pads
  • Multi-layered to absorb more and keep from leaking
  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective for continued use


  • Need to be washed thoroughly

2. Pet Parents Pawtect Pads – The Runner Up

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Here you’ll get a two pack of reusable pads that are designed for dogs that are in training or even dogs that are getting a little older and need somewhere to go to the bathroom in the house. They are available in several different sizes to fit your needs and provide a neutral look rather than stand out. They’re designed with a triple stitch binding as well as several layers to keep your floors and other surfaces dry underneath.


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Highly absorbent for extended use
  • Small and easy to keep out of the way


  • Takes a long time to dry
  • No non-slip surface on the bottom

3. Bark Potty – Best Budget Dog Training Pad

When it comes to a unique product that really gets the job done you’re going to want to take a closer look at this one. The Bark Potty is actually just what it sounds like, bark that your dog can use as their personal bathroom. It stimulates them to go but on the bark, which also has bacteria built in that helps break down pet odors. Not only that but it’s all eco-friendly and it’s a subscription service so you just replace the pad when it’s done.


  • No need to clean since the pads are replaced
  • Shelf-stable and can be stored as long as you need 
  • Helps to neutralize odors
  • Eco-friendly


  • Requires a subscription service for replacement
  • Can take time for pups to get used to the product

4. American Kennel Club Puppy Pads

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With these pads you can choose between several different scents that keep the pads themselves smelling much better (which helps your house smell better). These disposable pads mean you don’t need to worry about cleaning anything up. You just toss the pad when your pet uses it and get out a fresh one. They’re highly absorbent and have a quick dry gel that allows them to absorb quickly. Plus they have plastic on the back to keep them from moving. 


  • Several scent options to keep your home fresh
  • Easy disposable design so there’s no cleanup


  • Will leak if left too long
  • Pads stick together and may tear when removing from package

5. Glad for Pets Puppy Pads

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Created by a company that’s well known for quality, these disposable pads feature black charcoal and activated carbon to ensure odor and urine absorption. Not only that but they’re designed to keep your surfaces clean. In fact, they have a special layer that turns urine into a gel that is easier to keep dry and clean. Great for pets of all types and ages, these pads actually have pheromones built right in that attract your dog to ‘go’ where they’re supposed to. 


  • 5 layers to keep from leaking
  • Turns liquid into gel to assist with absorption 
  • Carbon activated to get rid of odor


  • Dogs may chew and shred the papers
  • Takes a lot to absorb

6. Kirkland Signature Absorbent Pads

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Simple but easy to use, these pet pads are inexpensive and designed to hold the wetness easily. Not only that but they absorb quickly so you have less danger of pets tracking anything through the house. You can also trust that they’ll keep the odors away, so your pets are more comfortable and more likely to use the pads. 


  • Great for small dogs that need something for occasional accidents
  • Reduce overall odor from dog messes in the house
  • Absorbs well for continued use


  • Small overall size that are only suitable for puppies
  • Lightweight and doesn’t stay in place easily 

Dog Pee Pad Buying Guide

When it comes to picking out the right dog pee pads you want to make sure you know what you’re looking at, which is what we’re going to review here. 

Single or Multi-Use Pads

When it comes to choosing the right type of pads you want to first think about how you’re going to use them. If your dog uses these types of pads regularly you may want to look at getting a couple washable and reusable pads rather than disposable ones. 

Multi-use pads can cut your costs as well as being more eco-friendly because you can easily toss them in your washing machine and clean them as needed. These are generally a little more absorbent and thicker as well because they’re designed to stand up to a lot of continued use. 

However, with these pads you will need to clean up the messes yourself because the pad needs to be cleaned off before it’s washed. This may not be as sanitary for everyone and you may not be as excited about this part of the pad. 

With single-use pads, however, you have less to clean up. Because you are just using the pad for a set period of time and throwing it out you can simply replace it with no intermediate steps. This makes it a little bit cleaner for most and more convenient. 

Keep in mind that these pads aren’t going to be as thick or absorbent and they’re not going to look as nice either. They can be lightweight and may not have non-slip surfaces on the bottom, which means they may move when your pet walks over them. 

Frequency of Use

If you’re going to use these types of pads regularly, as the main place that your pet goes to the bathroom, you’ll want to pay a little extra to get high quality pads. This may or may not mean reusable options, but it does mean something that’s more absorbent. After all, you don’t want to replace them too frequently.

For those who intend to use them only for occasional accidents, such as dogs that are left a little longer than intended or who have incontinence problems at night, you may be able to use slightly thinner or smaller pads as they don’t need to be able to absorb quite as much for quite as long. 

Odor Control

If your pet is going to the bathroom inside the house, whether frequently or infrequently, you’re going to want some type of odor control to help cut down on the smell. This can take a number of different forms, so make sure you’re taking a closer look at the options.

Some disposable pads are designed to absorb and neutralize the smell of urine (and other pet messes). This is great because it helps cut down on that unmistakable scent when someone walks into your home. Instead, you’ll be able to keep a more neutral scent in the home (or use air fresheners to get the scent you want). 

On the other hand, you can also find a number of these disposable pads that have scents built into them. These could be ‘fresh scents’ or floral or other ‘clean’ scents. The idea is that they will cover the smell of the pet messes that are happening to keep your house smelling great. 

Dog pee pads FAQ

There are probably all kinds of questions that you have about these types of pee pads and we’re going to look at a few of the most common ones to help you out. 

Should I Train My Pet to Use Pee Pads?

This is going to be a personal preference because it’s all about what you intend for your dog to do over the long term. If your dog has incontinence problems these pads are great because they provide a little bit of an insurance policy against those accidents making a big mess.

If you have a puppy you may have the same type of situation where they still have accidents in the house sometimes and a pad could be a good backup plan. They can be trained to use the pad as well as going outside, which gives two options in case you’re not home in time for them to go outside.

Some people like the idea of using these pads in lieu of taking their dog outside at all, which is another consideration. If you’re planning on your pet not going outside every time they need to use the bathroom then you need to get them trained on these pads as quickly as possible. 

How Do I Make Sure the Pads Stay in Place?

If you buy multi-use or reusable pads they usually have some type of non-slip surface on the back to keep them from sliding. Disposable pads generally don’t have this, however. Or they may not have enough to keep them still when your dog walks on them.

If that’s the case you can buy a special mat to put under the pads that will keep it in place. You could also use some form of tape or even small amounts of hot glue to create a surface that sticks to your floors. The end result is going to be entirely up to you, but the most important thing is that it stays where you want it.

Pads that don’t stay in place run the risk of leaking more than others. Plus, you could find that it moves around just from walking past or from opening a door and letting the wind blow by. Sticking your pad down will make it more effective and make sure that your dog continues to use it properly.

How Big Should I Get?

Once again, this is going to be about your preference though it does have something to do with the size of your dog. Smaller dogs may be able to get away with pads that are about 24” x 24”. This is considered the standard and may even be a good size for medium-sized dogs. 

If you have a larger dog you’ll want to take a look at larger pads, such as those that are at least 24” x 35”. These pads provide a larger amount of space for your dog and make sure that they’re comfortable and more likely to do what they’re supposed to on the pad. 

Find the Dog pee pads That Are Right for You

The right dog pee pads are the ones that work for your dog. Whether that means a large disposable pad or a small reusable one is going to be up to you. But the most important thing is that you find something that your dog will actually use. 

Take a look at each of these products and see which ones are going to work the best for your dog and your situation. Then, make sure you’re ready to go the next time you need to head out and leave your dog at home. 

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