dog Sanka

by Michael

I have a 13 month Rott of very high pedigree but is coward.

He get scared while passing a manhole drain, loud noises startled sometimes. A very soft dog he thinks every body is his friend and for that reason I don’t have any stranger pet him.

I scared that he might bite someone in fear as he grows to be an adult.

What can I do to build his confidence?

Oh Michael, your Rottie is just a pup and his behavior is fairly normal. Rottweilers are just like any other dog, and it’s natural for them to be nervous about unusual stuff , loud noises and so on. The more exposure they get to these types of things (socialization) the easier it is because they get used to them.

We are all anxious about the unknown, or things we don’t understand. From your dog’s point of view a manhole cover is an odd thing, and he doesn’t know what those loud noises mean!

Some dogs are naturally less confident than others, but this doesn’t make them cowards. With love and empathy you can help him overcome his fears or anxieties, but if you try to force him to do stuff that scares him, or to ‘toughen him up’ you will make him more nervous.

Also, it’s natural for a well-bred dog with a sound temperament to think people are his friends – that’s what he SHOULD think! This doesn’t mean he wouldn’t protect you from danger, or from someone with a dangerous intent. He’s intelligent enough to know the difference.

A friendly dog is unlikely to bite someone out of fear, but a dog who isn’t allowed to be social with strangers, or to have lots of interaction with people (especially one who is anxious in other areas) just might end up being a fear-biter. But it wouldn’t be happening naturally, more as a result of his lack of socialization and not enough confidence building and interaction with people.

I strongly recommend you read the pages on my site that talk about the Rottweiler temperament, so that you understand your dog better. Also, getting some help from a professional trainer might be a good idea. That way your Rottie can get interaction with other people and dogs in a safe and controlled setting, and you’ll get the info. you need to help him with any insecurities he has.

I wish you both the very best of luck and hope that you can come to see the strengths in your Rottweiler, rather than the weaknesses. He’s just a dog who needs to be loved, trained, socialized and accepted for who he is.

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May 31, 2014

I call it doggie school NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

I adopted Max at 7 months old, he had been caged in a shelter when the rescue took him but because he was so sick he had to be caged and kept away from other dogs, so he was very quiet & shy,if I tried to lay by him he would move,the rescue spent alot of time with him,but still acted like he didn’t care if I pet him or not,so to bond with him I put him in class and that seemed to bring him around more and got him used to being around alot of noises,a few months later took him for additional training where he got his akccgc,but at home I started noticing he was so afraid of the wind he wouldn’t go outside in the back yard but he had no problem with going out front,he still doesn’t like the wind but it was the chimes I had in the back, so I got rid of those,but as he started getting older he is now 3yrs I noticed he was getting snipey when other dogs came around me, so I found a class that had atleast 4 dogs all different sizes and that was just what he needed, but I also noticed he was reacting to how I was reacting,I would tense up wondering if he was going to snap at another dog,so now I need to be aware of how approach a situation,and not let the eye contact become a glare,tail wagging doesn’t always mean they are happy,get to know the body language,and I was told in class that if someone wants to pet your dog have them touch under the chin petting the head signals to them you want to dominate them. good luck to you and Sanka

May 30, 2014

my experience NEW
by: Anonymous

Our, now 11months old pup, was also afraid of drain covers. So much so that I had to leave other dogs home and take just her out and with mild force and treats make her go over that grid. Took about a week and problem was solved.

Our older dog was afraid every unknown sound: how tree branch fell from her back when he went under, how that drain ditch sound when car ran over it, how piece of plastic, wood, metal sheet etc, sound under her or my feets, fire crackers, basically everything new. Keep calm, dont comfort dog, just continue like nothing happen and he/she will get used to those sounds. Some will always get scared every new sound, but be calm and they will learn to trust You. Expose dog as many new things as possible.

My biggest problem is that when we took our first rotty, there was not many dogs around so that part of socialisation was done poorly. Now when she have own pups, she is bit too protective against other dogs. People problem we dont have because we have 3 doughters, which mean lot of friends and sometimes it feels like in busy railway station.

I try to select my routes now so that there is as many dogs as possible. Some stray dogs too, which is good training to learn ignore other dogs. Those strays are loud! With leash it’s pretty good, but at obedience training or trials are still bit problematic if agressive, over exited or nervous dogs present. And cats… that is other probelm.

May 20, 2014

Rotties are pups till 2 or 3 years old NEW
by: Debbie

I agree 100% with the comments posted. You may think at 13 months he is a full grown developed dog but it’s my understanding Rotties are pups till 2 or 3 years old. My Gryphon loved people but I never once believed he wouldn’t protect me. He proved it on several occasions. Relax and love him with all your heart and soul. Never let a day go by without telling him how much you love him.

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