Do you think this dog is mixed?

by Andy

Lab or rottweiler

Lab or rottweiler

I am not sure if this puppy is full blooded rottweiler. What do you think?

I saw his parents they weren’t registered. The father looked full the mother was colored like a Rottie but very small.

My friends kid me they say he looks like a lab. What do you think?

Hi Andy
It’s impossible to say for sure whether a pup is a full-blood Rottweiler, or a mix breed from a photo, or even from a close-up look. The only thing that can prove that one way or the other is if the parents are both registered as full-blood Rottweilers.

HOWEVER, this pup is very well built and has the general shape of a Rottie. His coloring is very dark, but this occurs in some bloodlines (especially the very old German lines). Some of the original Rotties in Germany were almost totally black.

Even purebred Rotties can look very different from each other as it all depends on the bloodlines, parentage etc. Some are taller and lighter, others shorter and heavier, some tall AND heavy. The tan markings can vary from pale fawn, to dark mahogany, with the darker coloring being preferable.

I can’t really see his eye shape, ear set or face very clearly, but from this angle I wouldn’t have questioned his breed if you didn’t mention your concerns.

If you wanted a guaranteed full-blood Rottie, then buying a pup from registered parents is the only way to go. However, your boy looks like a great pup, well-built and strong. I’d say he also has a great personality and is smart and loving. In that case, it really shouldn’t matter whether your friends think he looks like a Rottweiler or not. He’s YOUR dog, and he will love you unconditionally, and protect you if necessary. All he asks in return is love, attention, a good diet and proper health care. It’s a small price to pay for all that devotion.

I wish you the best of luck with your pup and hope that you both have a long, and happy ‘partnership’.

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Jun 12, 2011


hi andy
by: Anonymous

i cant tell but by the colour it looks like a lab but im not sure i have a rottie and it look different i advise you to go to the shelter and ask people who work there.

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