Do you think my Rottweiler has any mix breed?

by John Gear

Max - 4 months -1

Max – 4 months -1

Max - 4 months -1

Max - 4 months -2

Max - 4 months -3

Max - 4 months -4

Comparing to the other Rottweilers, I think my Rottie’s ears are a bit erect and do not lay over forward like most others I see.

Can you tell from the pictures attached if he might have any mix of other breeds?

Hi John
It’s impossible to tell for sure from photos (or even by looking up close) whether a dog is purebred or not I’m afraid. I would recommend that you take a look at my Rottweiler FAQ page to learn more about this.

However, I can give you my personal opinion, and from what I see I don’t see anything that indicates he’s a mixed breed pup. His ear set is a bit ‘fly-away’ which isn’t correct according to Rottweiler Breed Standard, and considered to be a fault in conformation shows. BUT that doesn’t mean he’s not a Rottie, many Rottweilers have fall short of the breed standard in terms of conformation but are still purebred.

Also, when puppies, the ears can change position several times,usually worse during teething and when the pup is under stress. Even as adults, stress or anxiety can make the ears hang oddly temporarily.
Max is a nice looking pup and as long as he’s happy and healthy I wouldn’t worry too much about him having mixed lineage, if indeed he does.

Hope this helps some, I wish you the best of luck, just enjoy him.

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Jul 11, 2017


Have same doubt seeing the Image -4 NEW
by: Raghav

Even my rott is also sleeping in that position Frog-Dog position. is that a problem or any symptom of hip Dysplasia ? and my rott has bend back legs, how can i treat him in that ?

Oct 23, 2010


The’ frog-dog’ look …
by: Annie in WA’s Rott’n Mom

I love it when a dog lays in the spread-out position. I’ve always termed it the ‘frog-dog’ stage. Most often happens in puppies but sometimes in olders dogs.

Oct 23, 2010


The Truth
by: Gene Blackman

Honestly, the only purebreds, are the antiquity animals, wolves, doles, salukis and the like.

Without exception, ALL other non-antiquity ‘breeds’ are mutts or cross-breeds. Somewhere along the line someone started keeping track of who bred which mutt to which mutt. The only thing that defines a breed is the history of it’s linage back for a very short time period. If your Rottie or Collie looks like a Rottie or a Collie, THEN THAT’S WHAT IT IS. Let no one insult your beautiful dog. It is what you think it is, a wonderful beautiful dog.

Oct 22, 2010


by: Anonymous

Sure looks like my 10 mo old Rottweiler we paid $1200 for.

Oct 21, 2010


by: Anonymous

its pure breed mine looked like tht at his age now his 50 kilos

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