Do I have to spay my Rottie?

by Connie
(Walters, OK)

My Rottie is twenty-four weeks young and our vet is kinda pressuring us to get her spayed. We searched many sites about the pros and cons of spaying a dog. But I tend more and more that the negative outweighs the positive. First, I think she is way too young with six month to be spayed anyway.

Second, why put a healthy dog through surgery if it is not essential for survival? So, do I HAVE to spay her? (I was not quite honest, she is not a pure Rottweiler – she is a Rottweiler/Weimaraner, both parents with papers)

Hi Connie
There is no law about spaying obviously and you don’t HAVE to spay your pup. You’re her owner and it’s up to you to make the decision that you feel is best for you and her.

Spaying a dog obviously prevents unwanted pregnancy and puppies (and dogs can be very persistent and creative when it comes to ways of mating even when you take a lot of precautions to prevent it!), and also eliminates the mess and inconvenience of a dog in season.

A female will bleed for up to 3 weeks, usually twice a year, but sometimes it can be 3 times annually. This means that you need to confine her, have her wear ‘doggie diaper-type pads’, or put up with her soiling your carpets, furniture etc. Obviously during that time you also have to keep her away from male dogs and may find your house the focal point for local males!

Apart from that, spaying prior to 6 months of age has been shown to give significant protection against reproductive order diseases and conditions in later life.

Of course there are potential problems with any surgery, and spaying is no exception, and only you can decide whether or not you feel the pros outweigh the cons in your situation.

If you do decide to have her spayed, the earlier it’s done the higher the level of protection against disease, so although you don’t have to rush at it, do bear that in mind.

Hope this helps some, best of luck with whatever you decide.

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