Diamonds pregnancy – Rottweiler and her pups

by Toni
(chattanooga tn)

My Rottweiler just had puppies, we thought she just got pregnant by some mutt, who was coming in my yard, so was she still coming in heat while pregnant? and why is something dripping from her that looks black, i haven’t seen any sacks or blood.

Thanks for the info..

Hi Toni
No, your dog wouldn’t come into heat while pregnant. If she just gave birth to her pups then she was mated about 3 months ago.

The dark liquid that is leaking from her now is blood and other fluids left over from the delivery. She will likely leak this way for up to 3 weeks or so after the birth, although obviously it does diminish after the first day or two.

Generally Rottweilers don’t have much trouble with delivering their pups, but they’re big dogs and may accidentally crush or smother them in the early days. It will be necessary to supervise her so try to make sure she and the puppies are indoors in a room/area near the family. A puppy will often squeal loudly if the momma is sitting on it, but not always so you will need to be vigilant.

Also, watch for any signs that she retained placenta or developed an infection during the delivery. If she starts to pant rapidly, shakes or seems upset/restless, stops eating or develops a fever over the next week or so then you will need to get her to a vet right away.

Hope this helps, best of luck with the puppies.

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