Concerns for my Rottweiler’s behavior

by danny
(Houston, tx)

I’m concerned about dominance with my rottie.

My daughter had my rottie in her bed, when she tried to move him over he starts to grunt and show is teeth. What should i do?

He is very loving and not aggressive towards anything only when you try to move him when he is on the bed. When i come in the room he stops and knows he is trouble and stops the behavior.

Hi Danny
This is definitely dominant behavior and needs to be stopped.

Your Rottie obviously realizes that you are the ‘alpha’ (aka his boss!) but doesn’t feel the same way about your daughter. This is natural as many puppies see children as their equals, and if they’re not taught otherwise will carry this attitude into adulthood.

For a start you need to make sure that your daughter becomes involved (depending on her age she may need a little help, or a lot) in taking care of your dog. Feeding him, helping to train him and rewarding him or disciplining him should be done by the whole family in fact.

Don’t allow him to get up on sofas, chairs or beds this is a natural position of dominance for a dog of any breed. Also never allow him to control any human’s behavior with his own, he needs to respect all people and although he will naturally be wary or aloof around strangers, he should never be defensive or aggressive.

From what you say it seems that he has a basically sound temperament and good personality, it’s just up to you to make sure that he knows his place and that the house rules are kept. Never use physical or harsh punishments, only positive, rewards-based methods of training and correction.

I’d also strongly advise you to get him enrolled in a basic dog obedience class so that you can get help to understand him better and increase your mutual respect and bonding.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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