Compatibility with Pekingese

by Colleen
(South Africa)

Hi there,

I have 2, 1 year old Pekingese babies and three cats. The Peeks have been to puppy training classes and are socialized very well. I am considering getting a puppy Rottweiler bitch. How do you think this will play out? I don’t see a problem as the new puppy will also go for training and thereafter I will train them together and concentrate on obedience.

I would like to hear your take on this and if you think this is a good, or bad idea.

Kind regards

Hi Colleen
Generally if a Rottie pup is raised around other dogs and cats, including small ones, there shouldn’t be a problem as they grow to accept the little ones early on.

It sounds as though you are committed to training your dogs properly and are aware of canine behavior and able to anticipate and deal with any issues which may arise, so personally I don’t think you should have any problems.

The only thing I would say, is that if both your Pekingnese are females, add a male puppy or if both your Pekes are males, add a female puppy. There is less potential for conflict as a pup grows if they are of the opposite sex to the resident dog. Also neutering and spaying your dogs will help.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dogs.

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Nov 21, 2010


rottie pup
by: samantha

I am excited you decided to get the puppy. Rottweilers are greatest and most lovable companions. I forgot to mention I have two grandchildren who come over often and our rotteiler loves them and they love her. I missed spelled some words in my first response, but I guess you figured out what I was trying to say.
Keep us posted and share some pictures if you have a chance
Best wishes

Nov 17, 2010


Thank you
by: Colleen

Thank you for your comments. I have a male Pekingese (Royal type) and female (Sleeve type), I am very excited introducing a new comer to the family. The Peeks give my 3 cats a bit of a run around but when the cats have had enough they retaliate with a nice hard smack on the ear to bring the dogs in line. I am sure they will do the same with the new puppy and hopefully the pup will realize their place in the hierarchy sooner then later. Getting your feedback from you guys makes me feel confident that I can add the Rottie to our family.
Kindest regards

Nov 16, 2010


rottie and other animals
by: samantha

I agree that as long as you get your rottie as a puppie there should be no problem. Every animal has a different personality. I got my rottweiler isis at about 8 weeks I already had two cats and a 4 year old chihuahua/terrier mix. They all got along fine. whoever sometimes the chihauhau and rottweiler like to mess with the cats but not in an evil way. we got a little lab mix a year after we got isis. her and isis clash sometime and we have to give them time outs, but none of our dogs both the chihuahua(girlfriend) although girlfriend only weighs 12 lbs compared to our 95lb isis, girlfriend is the alpha and get all her respect. So I think it would be fine. the two older dogs only really pick on our oldest cat but they all cuddle up and sleep together and I think its a jealousy thing with our harm has ever been done to the cats they just dont want to play the doggie games

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