by Celliott
(Forest Park,Ga)

My rottie is now 31 months old when I originally entered the post he was 23 months old. Almost 10 doctor’s visits later not to mention the cost Deak is still scratching his ear’s.

At 1st the cleanings would last at least a week we’ve tried numerous medications to no avail ! Now it seems worse than it did before and when I take him they had to sedate him and then once he’s sedated they give him another injection to wake him up. This is the only way that they can even get close to him .These constant injection won’t hurt him will they ?

And right now I’m so desperate I read where a lady suggested apple cider vinegar 2 tsp in his food…… Please help !

all I know is that I LOVE MY ROTTIE ! and how ever long it takes we won’t give up…He deserves It !

Hi Celliot
Has your veterinarian told you why Deak is getting these chronic ear infections? Obviously they need treated to prevent serious problems, but unless you can find out why he’s getting them you’re not going to get to the root of the problem.

Recurring infections like this are often caused by canine hypoallergenic dog food right away, or at the very least one that contains ingredients he’s never had before. These are especially designed for dogs with allergies or sensitivities and I’d recommend something that contains ingredients like fish, bsion, duck etc. and perhaps sweet potato or a grain source that isn’t in his current food. Pay attention to treats, scraps etc. too.

Your veterinarian can run allergy tests to see if what he reacts to as well. If it IS an allergy, once you remove the trigger his symptoms will start to improve.. but it won’t be immediate, it may take several weeks to see a significant improvement.

I would also recommend getting a second opinion from another veterinarian as this treatment has been going on for some time without actually fixing the problem. It must be miserable for Deak (and for you to see him this way) so don’t be afraid to go out there and get him more help.. he’s relying on you to do it for him.

I wish you the very best of luck and hope that you can get to the bottom of this soon. Deak is a very handsome boy, he has 100% the true Rottweiler expression!

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