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Hi There

I have 4 pups I’m planning to keep one pup.They all healthy and 8 weeks old. Two males and Two females.

I want to keep the one that has the biggest head ,how can i determine that,I know they change all the time.One pup looks like a bear,big. The others have a smooth coat and there heads seem smaller.

Please could you guide me as to how i can make my decision. Any guidelines please.



Hi Cole
You’re right when you say that puppies are changing all the time, and that makes it tricky to gauge how a pup will look at maturity.

At 8 weeks old a pup is basically a miniature version of his/her adult self because the rapid and irregular growth spurts haven’t started yet. Head size is particularly difficult to judge, but generally a Rottweiler pup who has a wide head (ie with a good distance across the top of the head between his ears) or a ‘cone-head’ (a dome shaped head) is going to have a good headpiece.

In terms of judging body size in general, look at the size of the bones a pup has. Heavy bones, with big paws and large lower joints on the front legs is more likely to grow into a big, well-built dog than a pup with smaller, lighter/finer bone structure. Weight isn’t necessarily the deciding factor as a fat or overweight puppy isn’t big in the sense you mean, and in fact carrying too much weight can jeopardize health and development.

Do remember to also consider temperament in a puppy as, unless you’re looking specifically for a show-dog, it’s really the most important aspect of a prospective pet. Unless you’re very confident and familiar with raising these big dogs, don’t choose the bossiest ‘alpha’ pup, also don’t pick one who is overly shy. Look for friendly and confident, but not pushy.

Hope this helps some, best of luck.

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Nov 25, 2010


go with your heart
by: Anonymous

it would be hard for me to have to pick. i wouldhave to take them all

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