Dog Puzzle Toys

5 Best Dog Puzzle Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is a key part of their well-being. That includes playing with your dog, but it’s also important that they can keep themselves stimulated when you’re not around. Dog puzzle toys […]

Dog Harness

5 Best Big Dog Harnesses

If you have a large dog you’re definitely going to need a way to keep them under control when you’re taking them out. Harnesses can be used for greater control, or even so your dog […]

Pee Pads

5 Best Pee Pads for Large Dogs

For those who want to train their dog to go to the bathroom in specific areas, dog pee pads are essential. But how do you find the best dog pee pads and make sure that […]

Big Dog Collars

The Best Big Dog Collars

Over the years I’ve found that it’s not always easy to find big dog collars that are tough enough, and good-looking enough, for my Rottweilers. But, I’ve also learned that it’s possible to find a […]

Rottweiler Books

Rottweiler Books – Recommended Reading!

The Rottweiler books on this page are some of my personal favorites. Whether you’re a Rottweiler puppy/dog owner (or plan to be), or are simply a fan of the amazing Rottweiler breed I hope you […]

Shopping Guide

The Best Tough Dog Toys

Any large-breed owner knows that finding tough dog toys that can stand up to your big dogs’ powerful jaws can be a huge challenge. My Rottweilers LOVE toys of all shapes and sizes, but sadly […]

Big Dog Beds

The Best Big Dog Beds!

Big dog beds need to be not just roomy, but sturdy and durable too…. and that’s exactly what you’ll find here 🙂 Of course when your big ‘un is still a puppy, finding a bed […]