can i leave my 3 month old puppy outside ?? she barks continuously .?

by sara
(egypt )

i have a 3 month old rott ( Jesse ) , i would like her to be an outside dog , but every time i leave her outside or lock her somewhere in the house she barks endlessly.

i need help, i can’t leave her in the house she is hyper active and is spoiling everything in the house and i have cats and they don’t get along with her and she ends up getting hurt.

please help me make her a yard dog

Hi Sara
I’m afraid I can’t help you to do that as it’s not a good life for ANY breed of dog, and especially for large, guardian breeds like this.

Dogs need to spend time with their people and to have interaction, training and lots of love. Leaving them outdoors makes them lonely, over-anxious and often destructive. With this type of dog it can also mean that their temperament doesn’t get a chance to develop in the way it should (due to lack of socialization, love and training) which can lead to problems.

Your puppy is barking when you leave her because she’s a baby, and is probably lonely and scared when left by herself. Of course, she does need to learn that it’s okay to be alone for short periods, and that you always come back for her, and in that situation you just need to ignore her barking and complaining. BUT you can only do that if she is somewhere safe where she can’t destroy things, get hurt, or get into trouble… the best way to ensure this is to get her a crate and start crate training her. Of course she can only be left for short periods in her crate, or alone, as she is still very young.

If you don’t have the time, patience, experience or knowledge to raise this puppy inside a loving home with the type of training and socialization that she needs, I’d strongly recommend that you find her another good, loving and permanent home where she will get what she needs.

Raising puppies is like raising children, and new or first-time puppy owners sometimes find that there is more commitment needed than they are able to give. In that situation it’s important to find another home for the pup so that everyone can get what they need.

If you decide you want to keep this puppy and raise her properly, you’ll find all the tips and advice you need to understand the breed and take care of her on my website. There are also lots of excellent books and other online Rottweiler resources that can help you. But do realize that you will need to invest a lot of time, effort, patience, money and so on to raise her in the right way.

I hope this helps and wish you and your puppy the very best of luck.

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Sep 18, 2011

by: Andrea Carde

I agree, when I leave my rotties at home in the backyard for a whole day, if I should happen to be gone that long, they start digging holes or chewing stuff they shouldn’t. But they don’t seem to do these things when I’m home and I let them in and out frequently….

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