Can A Rottweiler Beat Or Kill A Cane Corso?


If you’re wondering if a Rottweiler can kill a Cane Corso or beat one in the fight, we decided to give you the answers here. Of course, we never condone any kind of dog fighting, and whether you have our beloved Rottweiler or a Cane Corso, we encourage responsible ownership of these powerful breeds.

Both Rottweilers and Cane Corsos are majestic and dominant dogs, mix them together, and you get the Rotticorso. But separately, given the immense bite force and strength, it’s fair to wonder which dog is more dangerous or deadly and which would beat the other. So let’s look a little closer at these two man-stoppers to find out who would win in a fight.

Can A Rottweiler beat or kill a Cane Corso?

In theory, a fully grown male Cane Corso and a fully grown Rottweiler are relatively evenly matched, and it would depend on the individual dog as to who would win in a fight. The Cane Corso has certain advantages, such as bite force, but that alone does not mean they will win. As these two breeds are quite closely matched, factors like age, health, and the genetics of the individual dogs will ultimately determine whether a Rottweiler can kill a Cane Corso.

In this video, you can see two relatively friendly but slightly dominant males (one Rottweiler and one Cane Corso) playing together.As the video progresses, the two dogs become a bit testier witheach other. They are still young enough to keep things a game, but if you watch closely, you may notice that, in time, these two dogs have a strong likelihood of fighting each other. Another point you may notice is that they’re very equally matched, and it’s difficult to say for certain whether either the Rottweiler or the Cane Corso would win in a fight.


Factors that determine if a Rottweiler can kill a Cane Corso

  1. Age & gender

In an aggressive situation, a lot depends on the age and experience of the dogs involved. A juvenile or old dog is at a physical disadvantage, regardless of breed. Another point is that dogs of opposite genders are unlikely to fight. This is just as well because female Rottweilers and female Cane Corsos are smaller than their male counterparts.

Same-sex aggression in the Rottweiler and the Cane Corso is relatively common. That means that if you have a male Rottweiler, we generally advise that getting a female is better if you want two large dogs. Although many households successfully keep two or more Rotties of the same gender together, there is a stronger likelihood of fighting.

Lifelong socialization is a must for both breeds and genders, as they are dominant dogs with a strong defense drive and prey drive.

Actual dog fights are brutal and vicious affairs, and we never want to risk on with our Rotties or our Cane Corsos. So even though they are loving family members, we always need to invest time in showing them appropriate behavior around other dogs.

  1. Size

An adult male Rottweiler may weigh over 120 lbs (54 kg), making them very large dogs, with some arguably edging toward “giant” status. However, a large male Cane Corso can weigh over 140 lbs (63 kg). The trouble is, both breeds have giant individuals that would tip the scales in their favor.

A giant Cane Corso, such as Bruce Wayne of YouTube fame, would undoubtedly have a size advantage over most Rottweilers. You can see Bruce in this video:

However, not all Cane Corsos are this size. This breed is suffering from a sudden and recent surge in popularity. Every time a relatively unknown breed skyrockets in demand, there is always an equal surge in unscrupulous backyard breeders willing to meet the demand. This means many Cane Corsos are much smaller and weaker than the average Rottweiler. So with that in mind, relatively few Cane Corsos can really match the strength and force of Rottweilers like the ones in this video.

  1. Genetic predisposition

A further point as to who would in a fight comes down to the individual temperament and genetics of the dogs themselves. Since most Rottweilers and Cane Corso are reasonably evenly matched in terms of strength and size (with some exceptions), a lot comes down to the mentality of the dog. Have you ever seen a giant mastiff cowed by a Chihuahua? It happens.

Some dogs, regardless of breed, are just far more dominant and competitive. Regarding aggression, most dogs are usually motivated by fear or anxiety rather than true aggression. So when addressing whether a Rottweiler can kill a Cane Corso or vice versa, the biggest question is what is the genetic predisposition of each dog?

A mentally more assertive dog that is programmed to respond aggressively under pressure or when challenged will always win a fight against a dog that is insecure, unsure of itself, or motivated by fear.

It should also be pointed out that dogs killing other dogs is relatively rare. While both Cane Corsos and Rottweilers may aggressive towards other dogs (if they are not properly socialized), they should usually not display the intention to kill. They may fight to establish dominance, but if a fight turns fatal, the dog displays disproportionate aggression, indicating a severe and dangerous behavioral problem.

  1. Health

Another point to keep in mind is that the dog’s health will always play a role in winning a fight. A giant Cane Corso with debilitating hip dysplasia is at an advantage against a healthy Rottweiler. Some disorders are harder to pin down. Hypothyroidism is common in Rottweilers and is linked to both fearfulness and aggression. So underlying health issues will always play a role in which dog would hypothetically win a fight.

Rottweiler vs. Cane Corso: Which breed has the strongest bite?

According to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, the Rottweiler has a bite of 328 PSI (Pounds per square inch), and a Cane Corso has a bite force of 700 PSI, making it one of the strongest dogs in the world. This means that a full-sized Cane Corso has more than double the bite force of a Rottweiler. But remember, bite force will differ depending on the dog’s size, strength, and facial structure.

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Rottweiler vs. Cane Corso: Which breed is the smartest?

Psychologist Dr. Stanly Coren ranks the Rottweiler as the world’s 9th smartest dog, making them one of the most intelligent and trainable breeds. Coren did not test the Cane Corso, so we do not know how the Corso ranks against the Rottweiler.

But most Cane Corso owners report that their dogs score a 3 out of 5 on one intelligence ranking system. This suggests that the Cane Corso has above-average intelligence, but at this stage, the Rottweiler has more evidence of being the smarter dog.

Rottweiler vs. Cane Corso: Which breed is the strongest?

While there are no official measurements, one can argue that for dogs roughly the same size and weight, the Rottweiler is the less agile but more muscular dog than Cane Corso. The Cane Corso is a little more athletic and agile than the bulkier Rottweiler. On the other hand, the Rottweiler tends to carry more muscle mass and is probably the stronger of the two dogs. This is assuming that you take two members of the breeds that are roughly the same size.

Can a Rottweiler get along with a Cane Corso?

A Rottweiler and a Cane Corso can get along very well. In this video, you can see a Rottweiler and a Cane Corso all having no problem getting along together in the same home:

Final Thoughts

It can be fun to answer questions about which dog might win in a fight, especially with intimidating and tough-looking breeds like the Cane Corso and Rottweiler. These two breeds, in particular, are closely matched, so it’s impossible to say for sure, and if there were to be a fight between them, the outcome would have more to do with the individual dog rather than their breed. Regardless, we must remember that as responsible dog lovers, our job as pet parents is to prevent our dogs from ever being in a fight.This means ensuring thorough socialization and training with our Rottweilers and Cane Corsos and always promoting a stable environment where dogs never feel pressured or forced to fight for territorial or other reasons.


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