Burmeister Schultz Von Doyle

by Kimberly
(Beaumont, Texas )

I'm ready to work!

I’m ready to work!

Due to his personality as a quiet but steady boy, I chose the name of someone of a leaders position.

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Mar 11, 2013


Cheryl NEW
by: Kimberly

Thank you so much for your comment!
What a wonderful idea with his disposition
he would probably really love this type of
activity. He goes to work with me and seams to
be very comfortable with all the coming and goings.
He’s just now 4months old.

Mar 09, 2013


so handsome!!!! NEW
by: cheryl

now just how handsome is he!!! my boy Max was and still is somewhat shy and most of the time quiet,to break away from some of being shy I started taking him to very social things such as street fairs,parks,anywhere people were moving about, he has now passed his eval for the therapy dog program for hospice patients and hopes of working with children in school that use therapy dogs for kids with reading disabilites where children read to the dogs it helps them overcome reading aloud that is something you may want to look into for you new pup and then he will truely have a new job,as the rottie is always wanting to work and help others and they need to start young,your guy would be perfect!!!

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