bringing in a new Rottie

We currently are a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 children and 1 spoiled spayed female AKC Rottie). W

e are thinking of adding a Rottie pup to the family, male around 12 weeks, Do you think that my 4 year old Female will be ok with this? She has no aggression issues with other animals. She does bark when other animals get to close to her family when on walks, as to tell them to back up which they always do once she speaks.

She is a fully grown 125 lbs baby. She is crate trained (this is her bed, she uses it while door is open when she is ready for a nap, at night and while we are not home) We would train him the same way.

Any suggestions?

As you’re adding a pup of the opposite sex to your resident dog, and as she’s well trained, good natured and not dog-aggressive, I think this should work out fine 🙂

There’s always going to be an adjustment period – for both your older girl and the new puppy – but in 99.9% of situations the dogs work things out for themselves with little to no real input from their owners. Only intervene if someone is really getting hurt (the puppy usually) or someone is irritated beyond their limits (the older dog!). Then a time out is in order for them both to regain their equilibrium.

There’s a page on another of my sites that talks about this adjustment period and you can check it out here… Introducing Your New Puppy.

Everyone else, please feel free to jump in……..

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Jul 02, 2012

Congrats on the new puppy! NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

Make sure you give the older female a bit more individual time. She will feel left out if all the attention is focused on the pup. She will teach him boundaries and he may bring the puppy out in her. But don???t be afraid to correct her if she gets out of line, like a bite on the neck that is too hard. If something like this does happen, just check to make sure the pup is ok. Don???t coddle him like a human baby. That will only build more resentment. If you put his kennel next to hers, it should decrease the time it take for her to accept him. They will be able to smell each other more and ???talk??? to each other.

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