Brina Bean

Our ten-month-old rottie girl was named “Sabrina” and still goes by that name. However, my niece started calling her “Brina Bean” and that has since morphed into, simply, “Bean”.

She is a devoted and loving little girl who is quite fond of any attention she can get.

I thought it was interesting that Bean likes to sidle up to me and push herself up against me, quite forcefully sometimes. I have since read here that that behavior is not uncommon and I take it as I always have, as a sign of genuine affection and trust.

The feeling is more than mutual, I love the Bean!

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Jun 18, 2016


Rottie Name NEW
by: Sabrina

I love the name not because it’s mine too (okay fine because it’s my name but the funny thing is, the name your niece calls your dog is what my family calls me, brina or bean) I just wanted to share and also the meaning of Sabrina is princess and I’m pretty sure she is one! 😉

Oct 26, 2013


pushing NEW
by: Anonymous

Im sorry to tell but that is called herding (if use body, not head) and can also be sign of domination. As pup that should not be allowed.

My oldest herd my nephew sometimes and 45kg agains 25kg is not nice. She also (rotty) like to push her head quite hard on my side.

be carefull and good luck. 🙂


Oct 25, 2013


Bean NEW
by: Debbiem Gryphon’s Mom

Aren’t they the most precious dogs ever. I miss my guy and want to adopt another Rottie but financially cant right now.

Love her everyday like she loves you. Their time on earth is way too short.

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