Blush 4.5 Months Old..Do She looks like Pure Breed??

by Harshal


I have 4.5 months old Rottweiler female puppy.Her present weight is around 17 kg. I have taken her without papers so I am not sure if she is Pure breed or not. I have attached her Pictures so that you can tell is she Pure Breed or Not.

One of my friend also have Same breed Female which is of same age( He claims age same but i don’t feel) as my dog. But She has huge head. I feel bad when all people say your dog is weak.

But is very very picky eater and majority time i need to feed her by hands. For now her major and only food is chicken with bones. Usually I try to feed her at least 500 grams of chicken in day. I also feed her fish at least 2 times in week.

Can you please suggest how I can make her strong if she is under weight? Thanks in advance.


Hi Harshal,
First I have to say that without papers there is no way to be certain whether or not a puppy is purebred… unless you want to get DNA testing done.

However, looking at your pup I would guess that she is purebred… I would also have to say that she’s a beautiful girl. Great coloring, good solid bone structure, and a head that is in proportion to her build. She does not look ‘weak’ to me, not at all.

Head shape/size (just as with all physical and most psychological traits) is determined by genetics, and is outside of your control. A good diet can help a puppy maximize her/his potential and keep her healthy, but it won’t change bone structure or head size. It will help develop good muscles and strong bones though.

I’d recommend that you check out this page.. Feed Program for Overseas as it has ALL the info. you need to make sure that Blush gets a diet that is nutritious and well balanced.

Rottweilers are a large breed, but they’re not supposed to be ‘giant’ dogs! They’re a working breed and the most important traits are a fit, healthy body and a well-balanced nature. Please don’t listen to people who are only interested in how big a Rottie’s head is, or how ‘aggressive’ they are.

They are NOT supposed to be aggressive guard dogs, but should be loyal, loving and calm companions who love and trust their owners. When that happens, then your Rottie WILL protect you IF it’s necessary (and a Rottweiler knows when a threat is present and when it isn’t) and only when it’s necessary. A calm dog who is accepting of friendly strangers is what you should aim for.

I hope this info. helps and puts your mind at ease. I wish you tons of luck with your beautiful Rottie girl. Love her and take care of her and she will be the best companion you could ever want.
~ Sue

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Nov 05, 2015

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by: Hilton

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Oct 01, 2015

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Sep 28, 2014

Beautiful puppy NEW
by: Girish India


your puppy is indeed beautiful

ref. your query of pure breed

considering she is a female pup, she is indeed good one.
dont compare the sizes with similar age male pup

she surely look good and not a mix breed.

even with paper now a days we cant trust the pup to be pure breed, if not from a reputable breeder.

there are breeders who use papers of diff. stud and dam and sell diff. litter pups

A reputable breeder will only sell with papers and that will help to know there is no health issue related to the blood line ( HD, ED etc)

all the best with the bundle of love you owned.

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