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This picture is a little older, but sooo cute.

This picture is a little older, but sooo cute.

I have a beautiful 15 week old female rottie, she is typically a very good puppy. Of course she acts like a puppy but for the most part is very good. The last couple of days she seems to be getting a little more “crazy”, doesn’t calm down like she used to. When she plays she is getting more aggressive then normal as well.

We’ve had bouts of runny stool every couple weeks or so and each time we take her to the vet, they test her for every parasite out there and nothing. She is still playing and curious and beautiful, just wondered if her age is bringing on a different behavior pattern.

Thank you.

She’s a gorgeous pup, great coloring too :o)

When you’re raising a puppy it helps to remember that really it’s just like raising children – except that the whole ‘growing up’ process is condensed down into a couple of years, rather than the 18 or so it takes for a human child to mature!

At 15 weeks, your pup is entering the ‘tween’ stage and is no longer a baby. She’ll become an adolescent/teenager and then young adult before becoming ‘all grown up’.

Each of these stages will have it’s own characteristics, some positive, others more challenging, but they’re all normal.

If you think how a child who is moving into adolescence starts to challenge their parents, push the boundaries, and try to exert their own authority/will as a way to see themselves as an individual, then you’ll recognize similar behavior in your pup.

The ‘aggressive’ behavior and ‘craziness’ you mention are probably partly fueled by these changes, but they could also indicate that she’s not getting enough exercise or stimulation (physical and mental) to use up enough energy. Many, many puppies go through the ‘puppy crazies’ in the evening – running around like a crazy thing, jumping around, maybe even barking or snapping at things as they fly past. This is a way for them to release any pent up energy, physical and emotional and is normal, if unnerving! Usually they grow out of it and the best thing to do is to stay out of the way, but if they do bite or snap at people, then a firm correction is needed.

Rottweilers are very intelligent and can be strong willed, your pup needs guidelines for her behavior that are consistently enforced in a loving, but firm, way. Like a human teen, she may ‘push’ against them, but they’re necessary and she will learn to accept them as she grows.

At this age, enrolling her in a Basic Obedience class would be a very good idea as it will give her valuable socialization experience and help you both to bond and learn to work together. Even a few basic obedience sessions at home (see my Free Puppy Training Tips page for lots of help/suggestions) will help calm her down and they really tire a puppy out!

Biting and nipping is a very normal puppy behavior, but it needs to be firmly discouraged. If your pup is still inclined to nip or bite, follow the advice on my Stop Puppy Biting page to get this under control now.

Raising a pup takes lots of patience, love, repetition, training… and then more patience :o) Rottweilers are a breed that are slow to mature, often not reaching adulthood until 18 months, 2 years or even longer, so you will need to understand that she’s going to be going through phases and stages for quite some time.

But, this is an amazing breed, with a huge capacity for love and loyalty, it is totally worth the effort and time to raise a well-behaved, well-socialized and well-loved dog. Best of luck with your pup.

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Dec 07, 2010


Carly’s Behavior Change.
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