bathing a rottweiller

by kim
(pgh. pa.)

My rottweiller puppy is about 9 or 10 weeks old.

How often can i bath him an how long do i have to keep him in the house after a bath?

Hi Kim
Generally pups don’t need bathing too often, unless they’re outside in the mud, or rolling in dirt all the time.

Bathing once every couple of months should be more than enough, and overbathing can cause over-dry skin and skin irritations. Rottweilers are a breed that tend to have sensitive skin, so this is important.

Use a mild shampoo especially designed for puppies (and without any chemicals, insecticides etc.) and be sure to rinse it off thoroughly.

How long you need to keep him inside after a bath really depends on the weather now as he’s not a tiny, tiny baby. If it’s cool outside, then keep him indoors until he’s thoroughly dry. If it’s warm, he can go outside while he’s still damp.

For lots more tips and advice on bathing Rottie pups, and any other breed, check out this webpage Bathing A Puppy.

Best of luck with your pup.

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