Barron’s progress after hip surgery

by Bonnie Hornick
(Reisterstown Md)

Day 5 recovery from hip surgery

Today is day 5 of Barron’ recovery from his hip replacement.

Things seem to be going good. He has managed to pee and poo using his belly sling for support. His incision looks great He seems to be very satisfied in his crate and having me wait on him haha.

He did poo in his crate this morning – I have now learned when he pants very hard he’s not hot, he needs to go out side. I’m just used to him going to the door and staring at me until I get up and let him out. (my fault not his)

Well it’s dinner time for Barron and yes he knows that so I will update with more news later.

Bonnie and Barron

Barron pouting!

Barron pouting!

Day 10 recovery from hip surgery

I must have the most bull headed pig headed devil dog Rottie on this earth.

Barron had his right hip replaced 10 days ago at 11 months old He is on very very limited activities. He must be crated, in the house no running jumping or playing. He is only allowed outside on a leash for 5 minutes to pee and poo.

Well Mr Barron does not want to pee or poo on the leash I stand out front which he is not use to. My daughters boyfriend built a ramp to help get him down the 3 steps (thank God for the ramp)I make sure no one or anything is near by when we go out. He walks around sniffing the air not the ground eating dirt and grass until his time is up then I bring him back in get him all settled and then he begins to stare and grumble at me I try not to pay attention to him at this point so I make him wait a little longer and then I do this all over again.

While he is on the leash he is pulling me around the front yard still no pee or poo. Then we come back and in a few minutes he pee’s or poo’s in his crated spot. I’m about to lose my mind.

So today I put his gentle leader harness on him which is wonderful but Barron hates this too ( to bad) So now Barron is pouting in his crate it is 1:25pm eastern time he had been out 4 different times but has refused to do anything outside or inside right now.

He is so made at me right now he has refused to drink, eat or eat his ice cubes that he loves On the last two trips back in he has decided to stand at the bottom of the ramp and refused to go up it so I had to give he a treat which I keep in my pocket in case I have a problem outside with him. I’m not sure I will survive this. This after care is very critical for his recovery and will take 16 weeks I know 4 months until he can go back to full activities. I have even had my neighbors get their dogs to pee in my yard hoping this would help him out.

I know no one can really help me with this I guess I’m just venting. He is just so use to being free in his fenced in yard, I guess I have to leave him tonight for a little while hope he is still mad at me and sleeps while I’m gone. Thanks,

Bonnie owner of a devil dog. hahahaah

Bonnie- sorry Barron is making this more difficult, but it’s probably very frustrating for him and Rotties can be pretty stubborn when they want to be! Can totally understand your need to vent 🙂 All you can do is be as patient and consistent as you can, this stage WILL pass even though it feels endless right now! Barron will adjust. It sounds as though you’ve got a routine going and are organized, just hang in there.

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Jun 06, 2012 Barron’s progress NEW
by: Bonnie Hornick Hi All
Well Barron had his staples remove yesterday and all looks good. Our surgeon said his range of motion is good and everything looks to be going great. He will take xrays i 6 weeks to see how the bone is growing into the implant. and if all is good Barron may have a little more freedom. Going out on the leash for 10 minutes, and a little time out of his crate loose in the house. Well Our potty problem has gotten a lot better since Friday I started taking out front like usual, but on Saturday I took him a few more feet in to my side yard where he was use to going from the back door. I have double gates out front leading into the side yard, and believe it or not he has now peeing and pooing outside. (thank God) I didn’t do this before I was afraid he would try and get away and run knowing this was one of his familiar spots.So things are looking up Will do another up date in a few days

Jun 04, 2012 Feel for you NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi Bonnie, Barron will come around. He has been able to run around free in his yard for how long? And now everything has changed and he???s probably sore from the surgery so that doesn???t help either.

There???s really nothing you can do to make him do his business, and you???ve got to limit his activities for his own good because he just wants to be a dog and run around and do things his way. You will get thought this and so will Barron is you can take a breath and persevere.

When my bitch was pregnant, during the last 3 weeks before whelping, she would be up at least 3 to 4 times a night every night having to ???go???. When we would go outside she would take a stroll and I was lucky if she peed once each night. But my wife and I shared responsibilities, switching nights when we would get up to walk her, and we did fine. Stressful? Yes. Worth it? Yes. She delivered 9 beautiful healthy large pups.

Just keep up your good work with Barron and vent to us when you have to. If he stops eating for mare than a few days I would let your vet know just in case. But I think it???s because he feels he can???t be independent for the time being.

May 30, 2012 Thank God NEW
by: Scott -(Friend of Strider) So glad to hear of Barron’s progress, it is an answer to prayer. I’m sure you have your hands full right now but I know it’s worth it all.
Thank you for sharing the report

May 29, 2012 going great NEW
by: Captain Nancy Sounds like everything is moving a long very nicely. Of course he likes you waiting on him, he’s no fool. Glad that is behind you and now its all about healing.
Good luck and thanks for the picture. He’s very handsome.



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