Barron Bo

by JohnnyKat
(Temple Texas)

Barron Bo Von Tango.

Barron Bo Von Tango.

i have recently gotten a Rott pup. i say pup, because he still has they “pup attitude”. Barron Bo Von Tango , is a great pup. he is very playful, sits, lays, shakes, all the things good dogs do, but very rambunctious. my little wild child.

just by the way he acts, you can tell hes a pup, but he is solid, big and solid. i am 5’9″ and when on his hind legs, his front feet on my shoulders, he is looking at my chin. he weighs in at about 85 lbs but is not fat by any means. going by size and weight and attitude, would i be able to guess a close age?

by the way, i know the name is a little out there, but it just fits him. he just goes by Tango.

Hi JohnnyKat
‘Tango’ is a big boy, and he doesn’t look to be a puppy to me, but could well be short of mature.

Rottweilers are very slow to mature into adulthood and can continue to grow and gain weight until they are 2 years old, or even older. Some of the biggest males can take up to 3 years to reach their full potential.

The ‘boys’ are also the biggest babies, often acting exactly the way you describe until well into adulthood. By around 5 years old they usually calm down and act more sedately, but it can depend on the individual dog a LOT.

Your veterinarian may be able to tell roughly how old Tango is, particularly by looking at his teeth, but other than that it’s really very, very difficult to be sure.

It sounds as though he’s a great dog, well behaved, great temperament and a nice-looking boy, so I wouldn’t worry too much about his age. If I had to guess (and it’s extremely difficult from a photo, it would still be difficult ‘hands-on’, but less so), I would say he’s under 2 years old, but I could be totally wrong 🙁

Anyway, best of luck with your boy, enjoy him!

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