Barron and his hip replacement

by Bonnie Hornick
(Reisterstown Md)

Barron had his right hip replaced on Tuesday and came home today.

So far so good. right now he is resting comfortably I will up date more tomorrow when I can think more clearly.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts,
Bonnie and Barron.

……I would like to post some pics but it said mine are too big and I don’t know how to make them smaller, sorry

Bonnie, I’ll email you and you can just email me the photos and I’ll resize them for you. Very happy to know that Barron is on the road to recovery. Do please keep us posted – Sue

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Jul 21, 2017

How is rottie NEW
by: Kathy Hi I wanted to know how your rottie is doing ? Was the surgery A success. Can you recommend a vet or surgeon for hip replacement I have a three-year-old that’s having troubles

Jun 01, 2016

Hip replacement isn’t always necessary! NEW
by: Anonymous Hip replacement isn’t always necessary! There are other options worth checking out before going with an invasive surgery. I bought a hip brace from Ortocanis online to help my dog’s discomfort related to the dysplasia, and it works!! Each situation and dog is going to be different but it’s important I think to check out and try different alternatives before committing to an operation.

May 25, 2012

Potty Problem NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi Sometimes you can’t do excatly what needs to be done, like the towel helping support Barron’s back end. Did the vet clear him to walk at all?

Check with the vet and explain to him the difficulty you are having. See if VERY limited walking would be ok. By limited I mean just enough to get out and do his business then go back inside. BTW…the ramp was an excellent idea!!!

You might also consider a potty pad in the bathroom for Barron. You can get him to use it by soaking up some urine from outside when he urinates and then putting the pad down in the bathroom. The next time he needs to go, bring him to the pad. Just make sure he has good aim LOL.

Good luck to you. We are keeping you and Barron in our prayers!

Chris & Pam and our Rottie kids Zuwachs, Raven, Princess & Cash

May 25, 2012

Barron and his hip surgery NEW
by: Bonnie Well Barron is working on his second day of being home from hip surgeryI was planning on sleeping on the couch next to him but due to his snoring I move to my bedroom. He is doing really well in his crate have sat inside with him rubbing and petting his belly (he loves that) Right now my problem is getting outside to potty on a leash not liking that at all.I have to support his back end with a towel hold on to the leash and keep him from trying to pull away he is 90lbs and I’m 115. some of my friends have tried help with this but its not working he just wants be on his own and that can’t happen I need to master this somehow Daughters boy friend made a ramp to cover the steps so that is very helpful Sue is going to post some pics for me of My Barron If and one can help with the potty problem plese jump in Will right more later

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