by Michael
(Rainbow Beach, Australia)

Hi I have a male rottie who is 9 months and he has been sleeping outside for ever and i have had him since week 12 and not a problem.

He never used to bark, but the past week and a bit he has been barking a lot at night and also during the day.

Do you know any good ways to stop this?

Hi Michael
I guess it depends on why he’s barking! Is it possible that he’s hearing other dogs barking, or wild animals making a noise? Or that other animals are coming onto your property?

At this age he’s just beginning to develop his guarding instincts and these sorts of things can trigger him to bark (in order to warn you), which is natural. You really don’t want to prevent him from doing this, but an adolescent pup can get a bit over-zealous about it at first.

Perhaps you could keep him indoors at night for a while in order to break this habit? Or it could be that he’s bored and may be awake more at night and barking just to keep himself entertained. I’d make sure he has lots of safe, sturdy toys and playthings outdoors so that if he’s not sleeping he has something to do.

There are ‘no bark’ collars that can be used for nuisance barking, but I wouldn’t recommend using them unless there’s no other alternative. It’s much better to try to find the cause of the problem and rectify that, than to simply mask the resulting symptoms (ie the barking).

Hope this helps a bit. Best of luck.

If anyone else has had the same problem and managed to find a workable (and effective) solution, please feel free to share by using the comments feature below.

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Sep 04, 2012


barking in the night time NEW
by: Anonymous

Just I had same problem, the cause of my dog barking was other dogs also any strange noise in the night he was start barking and neighbours start complain. The only solution I find to keep him calm without barking was indoor. Hopefully this will not be a long time solution.

Apr 20, 2011


How to reduce a barking dog
by: Lina

What i used with my previous Rottweilers was a empty tin can and filled it with nuts & bolts then i sealed it with duck tape. Everytime the dog barked more than 3-4 times i would go out there stand at the back door and shake it fast and then i said QUITE!!.

I only did this a few times as he didn’t like the noise. And pretty much stopped after a few times.

There is really good Citronella collars out here that work. He doesn’t need to wear all the time. You can put it on when your out and he can wear it at night.

There are two types of citronella collars, one is automated where if the dog barks more than 3 times it sprays directly underneath his snout. And 2nd one is a remote control one where you are in control of the sprays whenever he barks.

You can pick one up on Ebay for less then retail price. Retail price are about $300.00 but if look on ebay you proberly get one betwen $70 to $150 bucks.

You can also take him out on a walk/run for a good hour or so tire him out a bit and then feed him an hour later.

Rottweilers are more a visual kinda dog, if they see something they will naturally bark. If he can see the front yard from a see through fence you can also block it so he does not see people, animals etc.

My Rottweiler only barks if he sees people, etc but as i have colour bond fencing everywhere he does not see much so that has reduced his barking. The other day he started barking so i went out to look and there was a guy next door walking around on his roof.

It was a loud warning bark and then he really didn’t care too much about.

Hope this was helpful!!

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