back legs of my 8 weeks rottweiler puppy


I noticed that my 8 weeks rottweiler puppy falls on his back legs when running or walking easily, is it normal for that age ???

That’s difficult to answer without actually seeing the puppy ‘in action’! It could just be normal puppy awkwardness, or it could be something else.

At 8 weeks your pup is still a baby and Rottweiler puppies tend to be clumsy as babies and even as adolescents their rapidly growing limbs can make them seem awkward.

If you’re worried about his hips, I think it’s too early to be concerned, but check out my Hip Dysplasia In Dogs page to learn what symptoms to look for.

At 8 weeks it would be unlikely that hip problems would be evident unless the pup was a very severe case. My personal opinion would be that it’s just normal puppy stuff, but if you’re at all concerned have your vet check him out to be sure.

There are other neurological, spinal and similar problems than can cause weakness in the rear legs, but they’re not very common and only a vet could make that type of diagnosis.

Hope this helps some, I wish you the best of luck with your puppy.

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May 11, 2016


Rotweiller puppy back leg weak NEW
by: Ujjwal

This problem with my rotweiller is the same but he is walk well in my garden but sometime he get slip down and again walk …and in tiles he get slip without walk…i am very much worried abot that..

Apr 29, 2011


by: trock

My puppy does the same thing at 7wks.. We are worried as well, and will be taking him to the vet. We just got him 2days ago.. .I hope it is just puppy akwardness, but he also runs into things alot, and falls down..

Aug 24, 2010


back leg
by: Anonymous

It does not sound normal to me. maybe you should take him to see a vet. Good luck

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