August update on Barron’s hip recovery

by Bonnie Hornick

Barron went back for another hip check on August 21. His doctor is very happy with his progress.

He now gets to spend some time out of his crate He still has some restriction in the house no running or jumping and no steps ( what else does a puppy want to do hahaha)He also gets 2, 10 minute walks a day for 2 weeks then we up that to 2 12 minute walks for the last 2 weeks then we go back to the doctor for his last set of x-rays and hopefully we are back to normal.

I can’t wait until everything is good again. He really needs some training. His obedience training went out the window when I found out about his hips. He really doesn’t listen to me, does what he wants most of the time and these walks, I mean him dragging me on the walks has got to stop.

If he sees a rabbit he goes nuts so I go out first and check for critters. Last night it was a baby frog in the road he tried to chase. I have been walking him in the street at night (no cars on road)because there are less smells to deal with. I know my neighbors think I’m nuts.

But he has just gotten very spoiled but he has also been crated 24/7 for three month so I guess it is ok for him to be spoiled, but I do need to get control of him again. Thinking about a trainer that doesn’t use food or bribery to get him to do what I want, but we still have 3 weeks before that can happen.

Ok he needs to go out and pee will update after our next appointment

Thanks for listening

Bonnie, sounds as though he’s almost out of the woods (well, both of you actually!). That’s really good news.

It’s not surprising that his training has taken a hit given what he’s been through. It’s very difficult to train a dog who is confined to a crate for months on end, and can’t be walked or exercised normally. Rotties are very smart and I’m sure that once he’s back to 100% fitness you will be able to get a handle on it.

Getting help from a professional trainer is a good idea, and some one-on-one lessons would probably give you a good jumping off point. Don’t worry too much about trainers not using treats for training.. this isn’t bribery, it’s just a positive motivational technique and works very well. Obviously you need to phase the treats out gradually once the pup/dog understands what you want from them, but it’s easy to do that.

Do let us know how his X-rays turn out. We’re all rooting for you. Barron is one very LUCKY boy to have such a patient and loving momma! ~ Sue

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Aug 30, 2012

Postop treatment/dog control NEW
by: Martha

Hi, Glad your dog is doing so well! My rottie girl is in the hospital recovering from her 2nd TTA surgery (she tore her right CCL ligament 1 year ago, and recently tore the left – a majority of dogs who tear one side tear the other). My vet (like yours) is very conservative and slow to allow activity, and although it’s very difficult for us humans, you will get through this! I questioned several times during the recovery months whether I made the right decision to have the surgery, but eventually she made a full recovery. So – when she tore the 2nd side, we went ahead and proceeded. As far as controlling your dog, have you tried a “Gentle Leader”? I highly recommend them. They allow very easy control of your dog because you lead them (gently, easily) by the head instead of pulling against their power. Your dog may resist the feeling of the collar at first, but my dogs love it now because when we get it out, it’s bye-bye time! Best of luck to you.

Aug 29, 2012

Training for Barron NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi


I’ve been following Barron’s progress since your first post and I’m delighted to hear of his continued progress. While we live in different parts of the country I would like to offer to give you some ???soft??? training techniques. They???re easy to do at home and will be easy on Barron???s joints. They also fit in with his restrictions. We can communicate via email if you wish. This may spare you from the expense of hiring a trainer.

Sue, the owner of this site, knows of me and I???m a regular contributor. I???ve had several cautionary stories published on this site with Sue???s approval. My credentials include breeding and training German Shepherds for over 10 years professionally in basic/advanced obedience, personal protection, narcotics detection and explosives interdiction. I started dedicating my training almost exclusively to Rotties about two years ago because they???re my wife???s favorite breed.

I highly respect Sue and the information she gives out on her site. I won???t give my email address here because of that respect. I don???t want to seem like I???m trying to drum up business on her site. But you can contact Sue and she will know who I am. Just mention Phoenix the Parvo Pup. She has my permission to give you my email address. If you can???t contact Sue, please repost here and I???ll figure out a way to get you my information.

I???m making this offer because of my interest in Barron, but more importantly because of your continued dedication to him. I only wish there were more owners like you.

Kindest regards and hugs to Barron!


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