by joe livingston
(Bryson city North Carolina)

We rescued Athena in Oct of 2013 through SSRR. She was in a kill shelter in Virginia. My wife drove 9 hours from North Carolina to get her.

She has become such a loving, kind member of our family of rescues. They now number 4. A rot/collie,a pit/lab,and last, but not least, the ruler a 20 lb rat terrier.

Taking her to obedience training was a definite plus and has helped us become better pack leaders.
We kept her name because I knew Athena was the goddess of wisdom and it just seemed to fit from the first minute I saw her. Not to mention I fell in love with her because all she wants is to lay on me (all 75 pounds) and lay her cheek against my face.

She is now 2 years old and thriving.

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