Angelika On The Mend

by Sherry
(Eclectic, AL)

Angelika sitting pretty this morning.

Angelika sitting pretty this morning.

Angelika sitting pretty this morning.

Snug as a Bug!

Just an update and to show a few pictures. Angelika is doing much better after her bout with Parvo and 10 days in the hospital. She is now eating and drinking very well on her own and we are down to just a couple of days left on meds. I will continue to give her the vitamins as I have really liked the way they have seemed to help her bounce back.

She is up more and a little playful at times now. Still not the bouncing puppy we are looking for, but each day brings her back to us a little more.

I am afraid she has become quite spoiled through this and knows she has been queen for the past several days since coming home. She whines when she wants up on the couch or bed and not in her bed. Right now, I don’t mind to much as it is easier for her to whine than spend what energy she has trying to jump up. Actually, because of how pulled down she is, I don’t really want her jumping much anyway so as not to cause any harm to her little growing body. I have been encouraging her to take it easy and stay fairly settled to give her little body time to heal.

Her tummy does not look all sunk in as it did when I picked her up, but it is just a little better than that now but at least it is showing signs of filling out again. She is walking stronger each day and her legs don’t look as weak and skinny, but still have a long way to go as you can tell by the picture taken this morning of her sitting.

She has started eating a little of her regular puppy food softened with water but still mostly on her soft diet. Her stools have finally started looking normal this morning without any diarrhea at all…yippee! There were some points where I was concerned this weekend, but they didn’t last long and quickly remedied themselves… probably just me over worrying as I have a tendency to do this over the least little thing at times like this.

There is a picture of her snug as a bug in her little bed…hope she doesn’t try to make us keep a box for her as she grows…ha, ha That has been her safe zone from the grandchildren, while still being able to watch everything going on… we do have a busy household. She spends a lot of time awake now, but tucked away in her box, just watching the cats and little dog and grandchildren.

Today, she is not spending so much time there though and venturing out quite a bit more to be nosy and insist that everyone pet her. The sparkle is coming back a little more every day and today it is showing more than before…I am so thrilled to say…Angelika is definitely out of the woods and going to have the chance to enjoy her home with all the other animals and 160 acres to roam thanks to all the prayers on her behalf!

Sue thanks for such a great site!

Sherry… you are so welcome, I’m just really REALLY happy that my website was able to help you and Angelika and I’m certain your experience will benefit many other Rottie owners who may have still been unaware of how dangerous Parvo in puppies can truly be. Angelika’s story has a happy ending and I can’t wait to see more of her as she grows up happy and healthy. She’s a lucky girl and I know that everyone who has been following her progress is as happy as I am to see her happy little face. I think she’s going to become a regular part of this website!

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Jan 26, 2011


all the best sherry and angelica
by: Girish

happy to see her fighting back.

Angelika the fighter. we will love to keep viewing her growing now.

Anglika is very lucky to have so caring family with her to which helped her to get back fighting . keep it up.

Jan 25, 2011


great news
by: Julie

Hi, just to let you know that my first rottie got parvo at 4 months (after she had had all her vacs) so I know what is like to feel helpless. Sasha was so thin it broke my heart. She was allergic to the anti-vomit injections so put her onto slippery elm, which was great. To strenthen her limbs I took her swimming for exercise, which worked really great and let her sleep on a mini trampolene. I had her for 9 years when she passed away from bone cancer.

Sasha 1987-1997. I am now onto my 5 rottie.

Good luck to Angelika, she looks like a really great girl.

Jan 25, 2011


by: Anonymous

I am so glad that Angelika is doing much better. She is such a pretty little girl. I am so happy she has such a good home with you. Keep us posted on her recovery.

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