ANF and Precept recommendation by the Great Dane Lady.

by Himanshu Mehta
(Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India)

Hi Susan,

I visited the Great Dane lady’s website as you recommended. She recommends ANF and Precept. Both are available in India and I have tried Precept Plus. Chippy hates it! The little Diva favours Addiction or Solid Gold that I get a friend to bring in when he is abroad.

I also checked the ingredients list on both and they both seem to use wheat and Menadione Mono Sodium Bisulphite. I have only read comments critical of both so far. Even Royal Canin uses BHA!



Hi Himanshu
I know how picky some dogs can be, one of my male Rotties was the pickiest eater in the world when he was an adolescent, I even had to cook him breakfast some days!

I also know that there is some indication that Menadione Mono Sodium Bisulphite can have side effects, and is considered an ‘unnecessary’ ingredient by some. However, it is the ONLY AAFCO-approved source of vitamin K, which is needed for to support the proper function of many enzymes in the body.

If you can’t find a food that Chippy likes, and that you want to use, perhaps you could try the home-made diets that Linda suggests on that same page? Maybe as a supplement to whatever food you can get and are happy with – that way the dry food would be able to ‘go further’.

I remember how beautiful Chippy looks, and it would seem that whatever you are feeding her is supporting her growth. If your vet finds her to be in excellent health then you’ve done a great job so far.

I wish I could help more with this, but with the limited availability of food in your part of the world I don’t have the personal experience to give you enough information. I believe you could contact Linda at the Great Dane Lady website and ask her advice/opinion. She really is the definitive expert in the field.

Best of luck in your search.

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