Alternative Colors in Rottweilers

As being a owner of a Melanistic purebred rottweiler, I am very open minded to other colors as well.

I was reading about Kayla, the red rottweiler. Granted, the roan red rottie is still rare but here recently 6 others have been born. All of which by AKC purebred rottie parents.

A select few and I are trying to crack the code to the alternative colors in rotties. We have figured out how to get the roan red, but are still trying to figure out how to get the red/rust, blue, bringle, and blonde. We do know all these exist.

DNA color testing as well as DNA testing has been done on these dogs but our issue is, they are all spayed/neutered.

Anyone with some insight to this would be greatly appreciated…

This is way outside my area of knowledge I’m afraid. If anyone has comments, suggestions or input feel free to share! ~ Sue

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