Accidents in the house

by Heather
(Missouri, USA )

Yesterday I had both of my 6 month old rottie neutered. After I brought them home I let them have a little food and water. Damon appeared to be very sleepy and Dante was content to just lay around and relax. We took them out on leashes to potty and then came back in. A few mintutes later Damon peed in the floor.

He has been housebroken for a couple months. So it was totally unexpected. I told him “no” and took him back out. When we came back in I put him in his crate and cleaned up the mess. Later in the evening we had a repeat of the whole situation.

Should I be concerned or is it possible his medication has him so groggy he doesn’t know what he is doing?

Hi Heather
I wouldn’t be too worried about this, it’s not really a housebreaking issue but due more to the effects of the anesthetic (which could last 24 hours or more), and the surgery itself.

A little bit of leaking or incontinence during the first day or two isn’t terribly uncommon and should resolve itself soon. However, if this continues for more than a couple of days or is severe, I’d suggest giving your vet a call and discussing it with them. That way your mind will be put at rest.

Hope they both are feeling 100% soon. Best of luck.

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