9 week old puppy growling and biting when picked up

Hi There,

I am not sure if you can help me or not.. I did not know where else to turn.. I have bought a Rottie puppy not registered and I can no longer get a hold of the person who sold her to me, and I am needing some help bad and I was not sure who else to turn too.

She is currently 9 weeks old and growls and tries to bite anytime you try to pick her up.. is this normal I have no idea how to correct this problem my vet today told me this dog will most likely need to be put down. I have a child so now i am very very concerned.

She tends to be good all other times besides this but I am not sure what to do and since you bred them and obviously love and cherish your dogs maybe you can help me or direct me in the right location.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Nov 15, 2016

Puppies growling and biting NEW
by: Anonymous

Puppies growl and bite because that is how they communicate with their mother and siblings, and you are a new species he/she has never seen before. Have patience and use positive feedback for the pup. Go slow, baby steps, Rotties can be vocal as well. Give a warning that you are going to pick up the pup and do it gently, treating immediately so the dog learns to enjoy being handled. Give the pup a gentle massage and lots of treats to make it positive and repetition helps so it becomes part of his/her day.
When a pup growls at you for picking him/her up it is usually because they have not been handled by humans much, they are in pain, they are unsure of what you are doing and feel fearful. Reassuring the pup goes a long way.

Nov 05, 2015

Great NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 23, 2015

Check you response to him NEW
by: Anonymous

It has been some time since you posted this comment, so I am hoping everything turned out okay and you did not listen to your vet. (I would change vets if I were you! That one obviously has a bias against Rotties!) Your puppy makes noise when you pick him up. Ignore it! Do not respond, and please do not look at him in the eye with fear, or threaten him in any way. If you simply hold him firmly so he feels secure ( arms around his chest and hind legs so he is sure you won’t drop him ), ignore his grumbling ( I even go so far as to simply say “knock it off” in a calm voice ) and DO NOT STARE IN HIS EYES, he will eventually stop, since it doesn’t accomplish anything. When he is picked up, he feels vulnerable and insecure. If you stop what you are doing, look directly in his eyes with concern or sound threatening to him, you will reinforce his insecurity. You need to show him that nothing bad is going to happen, but you need to trust him as much as he needs to trust you. If you are afraid of the pup and show that you are insecure, how can he feel safe? He is a puppy. He will learn whatever it is that you reinforce.

Sep 11, 2014

Growling NEW
by: Anonymous

I just lost my beloved Rottie last night. He was 10.5 and had cancer. I saw your posting about the pup growling and biting. When I adopted Clyde at 3months he had the same attitude. I was in fear of him as I had a baby in the house too. Basically, he wanted to be Alpha all the time. It was a struggle always to get him to back down. But in time I figured out his growl was a talking back to me. He did it his whole life and freaked a lot of people out. But, I grew to love it. My vet said he would never bite anyone and he never did. I have had 5 Rotties in 20 years. He was a handful but in the end I would not change it for the world. He was loved by many that he at first intimidated by his low growl and they figured out that he is a love bug. Do not put your Rottie to sleep. They need a strong owner willing to work with them and show lots of love. What you deposit in them you get back 7x more. Maybe you are not the right owner for him/her but find someone that understands the breed and their little issues that are harmless when raised properly. If you get the right vet, interview a few and find a good dog trainer while respecting the breed…I promise you they will grow to protect your family with all their mightyness.. My Clyde, who I was afraid would bite my daughter, before i understood his personality, ended up being her guardian all the way to his last breathe.

Aug 21, 2014

Is he hurting somewhere? NEW
by: Debbie Siebold

Oh please do not end this baby’s life. i will take him if you feel he is not safe for your home. Is he hurting somewhere near where you pick him up? Is just scared?

Aug 21, 2014

love NEW
by: Anonymous

This dog needs a lot of love, patience and time.
It obviously has had some trama that has caused fear in it. You shouldn’t think of ending the life of an angel sent by God, since everything comes from Him..try to remember patuence, love and time cures all things.

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